Friday, February 3, 2012

Garlic Bread

Picture Courtesy

Few days ago while we were at our best with some heavenly junk from a pizza outlet a dear friend of mine casually asked me " Now that I have ordered all this on your request will I be considered as your best friend?" Munching all that I could this is what I had to tell him "You are like this garlic bread I desperately like, but definitely not my pizza! " and somehow he knew this was coming ;-)

You will agree if I say, all of us have and have had these kind of friends. Most of them are special for a lot reasons. But somewhere in the whole scheme of things that matter in life, they come close but prefer or are rather forced to keep some distance for reasons even more. We connect and yet there is something left to fill each other's satiety, often we are too laid back or too busy to figure that out. In simple terms we are okay with it. Maybe thats the way it is until we get to gorge on our pizza, meanwhile we manage with the garlic bread. If not for them, trust me our pizza is not going to taste any better :-)



Harish said...

Rightly said Raksha..

Beyond Horizon said...

Yup, Sometimes we have to be okay with it :D

But I don't like garlic bread much ;)

A.P. said...

I feel sorry for your "garlic bread" friend.

Pooja Desai said...

Hi Raksha,, this is to inform you that you have been tagged. Please excuse the formatting and lack of image, once your read the blog you will find out the reasons, and maybe even be able to guide me too.

Raksha Bhat said...

@Harish: Well understood Harish:)

@Poo: I like them!:)

@A.P : I 'feel', and thats enough:)

@Pooja: Thank you Pooja for the award:)