Sunday, May 20, 2012

Losing Love

"Losing someone whom you love
 is like losing the sky where you dream of flying
Losing someone who loves you 
is like losing the ground where you are standing"



Bikramjit said...

very true .. and i hope the one who lost me understands it too ..

Why do people have to part i can never understand

beautiful pictures tooo


Beyond Horizon said...

*sigh* Nothing to say! Its absolutely true R


indu chhibber said...

very well said Raksha it is so sad but it happens.

Alcina said...

Few lines but very powerful and deeply meaningful!

Fatima said...

The lines look so simple but they are so deep...but then it's nothing but the truth!

And its woven and portrayed beautifully !

Take Care

Raksha Bhat said...

@Everyone who gave these lines a thought: Glad it made sense to you, on random occasions I come up with such quotes:) When I read them again I can't help but smile:) Thank you all for hopping in here:)