Monday, May 14, 2012

The Purpose

For an official graduate of today's times, post graduation is more than a necessity. And what follows you like the Hutch dog if you get into one is the 'Dissertation' or the 'Thesis'. Your frenemie to be precise. 'You and I...',you can sing that song but ain't sure if your world will be only beautiful. Well ain't gonna crib about it here. I am actually enjoying this whole process, although I have to accept the fact that it is getting tedious day by day. I know its gonna get worse, and I am mentally preparing myself to produce, direct, act and watch my own drama. There are times when I take a big breathe and let out a sigh, and say "Okay, just do it, some day this shall make sense", the complete optimist that my dissertation has turned me into!

This is how an average day of mine in the hospital and college goes. I run from lab to lab, I spend most of my time with the samples [read along with more than a couple of other things that keeps me occupied] and I finally end up with a bunch of microorganisms who are confusing enough to keep me confused. The sample collection and processing has driven me enough insane these days, the analysis is waiting. An year more and hopefully this study of mine comes up with some results, provided something inside my skull survives to understand and interpret whatever I am up to.

I have noticed a certain thing when you are into some sort of research. You will go through these different sort of phases. Something like the Newton phase, the Edison phase, the Pasteur phase, the Darwin phase and maybe even the Archimedes phase. Aah! Those apple on your head and eureka moments! And surprisingly you feel exactly like these great men would have. Some finding 'you think' is new or different excites you so much, it is a thing for satiety if you are completely into it. Nothing like it if your aims and objectives are fulfilled. Sounds geeky I know but then that's what a perfect dissertation is all about. 

Of course there is the other end too, where you are more often than the the former. The not so sunny side which is almost always up, where and when you realize that people have been there and done that. Hopeless days and more hopeless are those nights I tell you. All you start thinking is "How could I of all people get into and come up with this average a stuff?",but that's not true. Remember and convince yourself that every good and honest effort serves a purpose. Only if you are game.

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I just read this :).. good one :).. will need to read this again n again in the next 2 yrs m sure :P