Sunday, May 6, 2012

To Hit Or Not To

 'Satyameva Jayate' - may just be another moral or patriotic line below our emblem learnt way back in school if not for the show from today. At last somebody is letting us know the reality of India which most of us shamefully choose to be unaware of and therefore do nothing about it. Hope we realize its time to do all that it takes. Applause to the team for all their effort. And Aamir you have got a fan here, not because you are an actor but for everything else that you do, for the person you are.
We come across a number of reality shows addressing a hundred such issues. The kinds that which twitch your heart a bit, make you drop a tear and then you forget. The next day or week its time for another episode. Fortunately Satyameva Jayate seems not to be one such. Today's episode said it all. It was not about the hype, it was not about Aamir, it was not about his movies, it was not about a state or the society, it was not about anybody's personal problem or your empathy. It was about each one of us. 
If you had listened to Aamir beating an egg and singing "Aana meri jaan meri jaan Sunday ke Sunday" all these days, kept yourself free and watched the show you may agree with me. What appealed to me was the way in which everything about the problem was put across. Opinions from the masses, experiences from the ones who have faced it all, the ground reality from the experts who are working for the cause. Complete and neat. 
As a doctor, as a girl I could connect to today's episode on female infanticide. The figures and the statistics are something which we, the so called educated section of the society are well aware of. It is everything that we already know. But all our concern starts and stops at the discussion table, sometimes even before it reaches there. All we do is talk. And as people on air today rightly said, all these atrocities happen right in our homes. Introspection is something which we rarely do, but when it comes to pointing fingers at others and deciding who is wrong and who right we all turn activists. Isn't it so?
So how will this show make a difference, certainly not only if we watch it. There is more for all of us to do. But how far are we all Indians game to do it? 'Dil pe toh lagti hai par kya karen baat nahi banti hai', at most of the times. One of my professors last week told me "Hit hard and hit fast" while we were in a seminar on the problem of antibiotic resistance in microbes. I guess that will work well here too. The only problem is that we never decide to hit, and meanwhile we shall only watch the show.


indu chhibber said...

Raksha i recently posted a small verse on the topic you might like it

Abhinav said...

'Satyamev Jayate' is really a great move ! A great programme by Aamir !
Female infanticide is a frightening cruelty. We have to act against it.

Bikramjit said...

An eyeopener episode it hit hard , I hope it wakes us people to do something or at least make a little change.

and as it was said it takes a loud nocie to make the deaf hear same way HIT HARD and HIT fast does the trick


Obsessivemom said...

Nice post Raksha... I watched it too. He made some very valid points.

Raksha Bhat said...

@ All: Hope we continue to watch it and do something about every issue that is brought up:)