Monday, June 4, 2012

The 'Scrap'ped Piper

Once upon a time when we hardly faced our books and twittering was left for the birds, there was one thing which kept us busy. I still remember the craze that it had brought along. Scrap then actually made sense, and oh how we kept a count of them and many things else. One number up for that cute little red heart just to show how many fans that ordinary mortals like us have and it was enough to bring a smile. The communities that we joined and created was another personality thing. The long lost childhood and school friends for the very first time were found here. The testimonials was the cherry on top, you wrote one and you got one ;-)

You know what I am talking about. I logged in to Orkut today after God knows when and read some of mine, thankfully the account is still there. I was surprised to see people who know knew me had such out of the world marshmallow things to say. Well for the person I am or they are right now, I do not know if those testimonials do any justice. People change over time, I have and even Orkut has. Today it looked completely different and I was not surprised. We all do a hundred things to cope up with time, some right and some wrong, and Orkut has not been any far behind. If we were to call this a rat race, these social networking sites are our pied pipers and we their faithful rats. We by our inherent tendency follow the league.

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When you try to cross your boundaries to meet somebody’s demand you tend to forget who you really are. I guess that’s what made Orkut a thing of the past although it did not really start with any kind of competition or complication. It’s sad, all the more nostalgic. Something which was a part of our connect not so long ago is now nowhere. I wonder how Mr. Orkut Buyukkokten maybe feeling right now, proud to be one of the firsts or depressed to have been brought down. All said and done, a thing which makes it to history is a thing for respect. Orkut deserves it. Someday Facebook or Twitter will. Until then we can update the world every now and then about what’s on our mind, or keep all our conversations limited to 140 characters. Things that we come up with, get used to and forget too, all in the name of networking, sigh! Well as normalcy demands all stories have to end, so will those of all the pipers and their rats.


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