Sunday, November 4, 2012

One But Close

Picture Courtesy

A boy
naive little
Cross legged
Knees bruised
On the wet grass
He sat with his head up
Looking at the night sky
With all the time in his world
With dirty feet and a clean heart
With all the hope that it could hold
That he would be the first lucky one
To get it perfect and count them all
While all those million stars up there
Flickered together and just mumbled
God heavens, our friend is back again
Every dusk who walks up the mountain
To gaze at us and goes one, two, three
But how many of us duh, who knows
Only if he could see us in the day
He needn’t walk all the way
If not for that burning sun
Too much, too bright
Envy his love
Bless his light
Only one
But close



AnicA said...


Yielday Pittzheng said...

well shaped wording,

love the title and how the words converge.

Helen Rice Obama said...

enjoyed the shape.

Thanks for linking!

Raksha Bhat said...

Thank you all:)