Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Channel Which Cried...

Rofl! Fine so you really did roll on the floor laughing eh? Exaggeration, well many are good at, Indian television channels if you were to ask me. Watch this one [‘*+’] with the case of a missing girl from London, the annoying ad popping up every now and then. At first it would really worry you, I mean why a girl of twenty one would catch a flight from London and reach India in search of someone and her worried parents flash an ad on a channel which hardly is about news, leave alone such news! The immigration authorities and her teacher talk about her. Then there is some taxi wallah who even clicks a photo of her while she is asking for an address in an Indian town, what presence of mind! And now some politician is in the story and she claims to appear on television on the 12th of November at seven thirty, duh. So Bollywood-ish! By now it feels like I know this female personally. The number of times I have seen this ad I guess it has succeeded in sprouting some curiosity around. In fact some people are even thinking that it is a true case of lost and found, they empathize too. I dropped it after saturation.

It was time I thoroughly researched all sources around for its authenticity, if at all if this incident has any. It has cooked my brain enough. If this turns out to be another daily soap a hundred bows down to the heights of promotion, or call it a pit! The one in which people like me who hardly switch on the television, but when they do all they see is that and are forced to fall into! The quality of program promotion these days.  “Watta talent! Watta talent” like Mithun da rightly puts it. 

Phew! At the end of it all, it seems like a creative effort below the level of media seriousness to win audiences and TRPs.  I oddly remember if am not wrong on Doordarshan the 7 pm slot or so just before the news at night had this five minute session on missing persons. Their photos with their height, weight, colour and what not. And that speeding voice, downright hilarious. The intention of giving the information was clear and true though, I dare not laugh about that even today. I do not know if those ads helped anyone find their lost kith and kin. But at least they were not like “The Channel Which Cried G****”. Oops, did that sound like “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”? If it did, you better believe.

PS: This blog or the author has nothing to do with the girl, nor with the channel. No free promotion here. Sorry;-)


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