Monday, December 3, 2012

A Green Wish

The gorgeous green in your heart
Of strength but supple 
That you always hold
All that you give
And everything that you don’t
To make me stand up and out
With a colour for a life to own
Like you always do
Above our flaws and falls
Beneath our calm and comfort
In the sunshine, under the rain
The worms, winds and wanderers
Who eat, brush and tread
Our roots and veins
Fighting them all, losing or winning
Who cares as long as we are
Shoulder to shoulder, soul in soul
Learning and becoming better
We will come to this world
Every day like this blessed one
And all I will do is 
Pray my friend for
The gorgeous green in your heart
Forever to stay
For it is born
To give you peace
To keep you happy
And all that you need
 To be more than alive


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