Thursday, April 11, 2013

On Line

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Wherever you are whatever you do your laptop ends up being your quintessential companion, and this I realized on a self funded project of observing people along with my dissertation and everything else in the process of post graduation. While I say so, the social network just follows and enters this discussion. Switch on your laptop, and there it is. There is one group amongst us who prefer to run a mile away from it, away from all the fake book and jitter. And then there is the other, full of mavericks trying to put up a twenty four hour live show of their passable life with entirely forgettable feeds much against theirs or anyone else’s interest. Swim in the pool, or have coffee at the barista or see a white crow it doesn’t really matter to the world anyway.

On the other side okay let us take this, the comfort of shaking a hand or getting a hug from the family or friend far away is unmatched, but to be able to see them online and to interact with them as though they are sitting right in front of you the living room, the very fact that this can be done whenever you need is blessing enough. The heady rush of knowledge, news, facts, humour and like minded conversations on one refresh button is another thing which tends to be ignored. And once in a while, the mavericks do make you take all the swear words in all the languages you know, imagine seeing this every morning, first thing on the feed“ At work.Do not disturb ”like you wished to at the first place." Woke up" at 2 pm."On a world tour" well you aren't."Meanwhile water my crops at Farm ville" like you will duh.

In between these two worlds is this one group of people who know how to play their card well, who do justice to the availability of this fine resource, and thankfully who do not dissent or plunder its existence before complaining. Figure out where you belong. I keep hopping between the three, I admit. I can sleep like I know not of the virtual for days, I can live like there is no real for nights. And on other times I come up with posts such as this one. The real problem with me and many I guess is to stay in this third group, I call it the elite ‘on line’ group who know where to draw the line. Try, let me know if you can or already do:)



Rajesh said...

Raksha... you write differently now. Dont grow up in a hurry :)

Raksha Bhat said...

@Rajesh: Growing up is an inevitable but a beautiful process :-)