Monday, June 30, 2014

Of Hills And Views

“Put yourself in his shoes and walk a mile” they say, I would say put in a tad more effort after the last two days. It’s beautifully strange when you care to see everything and everyone through someone else’s eyes only to realize that there is more to the world around you. I did just that. It is on journeys and places which are never on your mind you come to understand what actually blessedness feels because there are no plans, no maps, and therefore no expectations. In fact you end up smiling more than once.


A bunch of kids come running to you with jamuns.

Eggs you though you are allergic to are no longer a problem, end up tasting the best in a simple meal.

There is something more than tranquility in and around the place you sleep.

Steam from the tea makes peace with the breeze through the window, while you try that with your friends in the process of waking them up.

Flowers bathe in the morning dew before they bloom.

 A new friend follows you for hours wherever you go, even more than your shadow.

Old benches find and invite you without wanting to know who you are and why you are there.

A place which makes you feel that temples and palaces are not the only ones with good architecture.

Trees filter your thoughts like sunlight, clean and thorough.

  Dates of some unconnected past intrigue your mind more than your present.

The dusk light sprinkles like gold on the far mountains.

It rains somewhere but you drown and drench.

For once, others see you more than you see them.

     Things that take years to understand sometimes are learnt from places such as these, not from books neither from classes, there are signs all around, signs of life, from an alarm call to the smell of a kill. And for once it feels good, to write more than a travel post. I returned home this morning with only one thought ‘When your experiences run close to nature’s course, your life is well lived.’ 

 “Who goes to the hills goes to his mother”

-Rudyard Kipling in ‘Kim’-



Ankita said...

Such a beautiful post with enchanting pictures! i wish to live in hills but is not possible practically :(

The hills of Kumaon and Gharwaal are my dream destination :)

Raksha Bhat said...

@Ankita: It is all a matter of perspectives Ankita, your needs and demands, your dreams. One can if they match with the hills. Thank you for reading :-)