Monday, July 7, 2014

Six Years !

“We see the world we wish to perfect it, and we imagine dwelling there”  I read this somewhere last week, that's the case with me and this  blog of mine 'A-CANARY'S-DIARY'. Today I realize that it is my six years into blogging, for someone like me who did this it is quite a surprise. Well, really, my mind hardly sticks to one thing! I wouldn’t go into retrospect and think of the posts that I have written here over the years, each one of them has helped me grow as a person. What I am today is also because I blog, as obvious as it can get. My blog has taught me not to suppress my thoughts. It has taught me to respect a difference of opinion. It has taught me to look at life from a hundred different angles. It has taught me to match my frequency with complete strangers. It has taught me that my English can sometimes be a terrible disaster, people who read me and yet forgive me know it very well!

 Usually I try writing about everything and anything. I do not have an area of specialization unlike the one in my learning of medicine. I try to find a good deal of balance here, what I sometimes lack in life. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I don’t. And that is something that drives me to write the next post, what my mind wants to do, to gather my words, arrange them in sentences, make paragraphs, and write a story that makes at least one person apart from me think the same. Only when this is done I believe I am getting better! 

Each one of us have our moments for blogging, times when we post thrice a day and thrice in a month, I have experienced it all! The post that we wrote for the first time, the post which got the most attention, the post most close to our heart, the post which grew out of our expectations, the post which got us a friend, the post which got us an award, the post which never crossed the draft stage and the post which was never written, we remember them all don’t we? I am so glad that I have had so much to say!

Despite my faults and fallacies, my friends, you guys who have graciously read whatever I blog have made me feel extremely special. Thank you each one of you, blogging wouldn’t have been fun without you! Before this turns into an award or a milestone speech or something let me tell you what I believe with pride for myself and each one of you who is into blogging, it is something what Andrew Sullivan says “Blogging is to writing what extreme sports are to athletics: more free-form, more accident-prone, less formal, more alive. Blogging is writing out loud”. Not everyone can do that constantly, it requires more than passion or commitment. It is when your blog is more than a diary, less than a website; more than personal less than business you will feel what I feel today. Cheers!



Soumya said...

Wow, six years? That's long and its so wonderful that you did not let that passion die down. I have been writing for about five years now and feel the same excitement with every comment and appreciation.

Keep up the good work!

Here is to sixty more years! :)


Bikram said...

congrats on completing 6 years .. many many happy returns of the day ..

heres wishing many many more to comeeeeeeeeeee


Raksha Bhat said...

@Soumya: Thank you so much Soumya, means a lot when it comes from someone who feels the same about blogging :-)

@Bikram: You are someone who has been right from the start of this blog Bikram, thank you for all those times you are here :-)