Sunday, August 24, 2014

House To Home

"HOME: A place not where you are from, 
but where you are wanted"

-Abraham Verghese in Cutting for Stones -

Coincidence happens very often if you believe in it often :-) When Blogadda came up with this Re-Do-Your-House with Make My Homethe walls of my home were as happy as my imaginations could get. I haven’t stopped smiling since the past few days because it’s all renovation at home this week. Ah! The new paint smell in a place where I have always had the feeling of being wanted, matchless!

With the feel good spirit already around I searched for things at Make My Home to add something to the newness here. I was in complete awe with their collection of home decor, to settle with only three was obviously tough. I browsed for hours like a kid in the candy store and finally decided on these beautiful stuff which in my opinion will make the walls and corners of my home smile.Nothing perks up a home faster than the right things in the right places. When bringing new things into home there is so much to be kept in mind, especially if someone is houseproud like me. I think of the need at the hour, the affordability, the space available, the time I will end up spending cleaning and maintaining, lastly and most importantly whether the rest of people at home-my family will use and like it. My theme therefore for the makeover is 'Family'- A blend of ethnic, comtemporary, chic and casual-A little bit of everything, what everyone may like :-).

A clock on the wall is more than a bare necessity. Some of the best times of life are said to be spent at home and a wall clock captures all those precious moments. Despite wearing wristwatches and carrying mobile phones most of us look at it to keep track of our day, don’t we? When the hands go tick-tock in sync with my heart beat especially in the lull of noon or in the middle of night I am assured I am at home, and hence this need. This beautiful handcrafted antique wall clock is something I would like to have on this newly painted cherry red wall in one of the bedrooms. I like it for the aesthetic sense in the wooden carving and the brass border, also the gem stones of four different colours add to its exquisiteness.

One coffee table in this curtained orange corner of the living room would make this place more than comfortable, I do not mind trading all the pleasures of this world for a cup of coffee and a game of cards or Scrabble here with family and friends, or maybe a pen and a newspaper crossword. How better can good times get if this is possible! I liked this piece of furniture for its frame and finish, a great utility in an otherwise empty space. 

Perfect lighting can energize our mood particularly during the night. This Basilisk table lamp with its curves not only caught my heart but felt perfect for this corner of my room. I like the way the light is slithering through the holes in the grooves, very classy and magical. I am as impressed as the kids in the picture, after all its about optics and good ambience. 

Home décor means to be comfortable with our matter in our space, having the right appliances and accessories adds to the positivity our homes deserve to have. The three items in my wish list appeal to me for nice and strong reasons, I am hoping to give them to my home soon.

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Ruchi said...

Love it! You're so lucky you gotto choose when your house is being painted! Lovely choices...I can see a winner here :) I have chosen something similar to the lamp shade :) Had spotted this one on MMH.

All the best!

Raksha Bhat said...

Thank you Ruchi, and ya that lamp is such a stunning piece :-D