Wednesday, September 3, 2014

An Indian Home

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When I look around inside my newly painted house, 'SHARADHI' about which I mentioned in my previous entry to this contest, the newness just made me realize how much I have grown up and have been guarded here for years. It has just added to what I already have for this place. The roof and the walls of our homes are not there only to keep us out from the rest of the world, every brick in the wall also helps us to become. And therefore when we put up a picture on the wall or a thing in the corner of a room there is something about it which affects us. It is therefore obviously wise to make the right choices at the right time when we decide to deck it up. Off late at my place I have seen that we have been accumulating a lot of accessories and home decors without any forethought, having started the renovation and restoring I thought of writing this second post.

Being Indians with such rich cultural background and heritage, I thought it is best to use something what defines us and our people to furnish our home. As I browsed through the Best Of Home Decor at Make My Home, I found a few interesting things which gave me a raw, rustic and realistic feel. I would love to get them home for they would definitely enhance my place with all the 'INDIANESS'-My Theme, something what the items that I have picked have in some form or the other. Here are the unique things of India, like India what the Indian in me liked and loved :-) :

Villcart Group Of Men Dancing

This wall piece interested me mainly because it is crafted by pioneered blacksmiths of Bastar, it depicts five men holding hands and doing a form of traditional dance. What is impressive in this artwork is the earthly feel and the unity it puts across, just the way the men are holding each other at their back and the ones in the corner with sticks guarding the group, so Indian isn't it? :-) The wrought iron make is ecofriendly, and would look good on one of the ivory white walls of our living room here. 

Aapno Rajasthan Wallmount Set Of Miniature Pots

Pottery is an intricate art and having so many in varied shapes and colours neatly arranged on the wall in a wooden mount would only remind me of how much we as Indians are gifted in matters such as these. These delicate terracotta pots are specially hand painted in Madhubani form of painting, something which dates back to the times of Lord Rama. I find the colours and the design very divine and surreal. I would love to have it on one of the cherry red walls in one of our rooms here.

925 Silver Indian Traditional Silver Night Lamp - 15104

Lastly, this intricately beautiful electric lamp is something which gives me an ‘Indian Queen’ like feeling. I know it’s not something I can even dream of affording right now unless I have something to do with the Mughal lineage :-P But what does it take to wish, a little imagination perhaps ;-) ‘Light’ like I said in previous post is required to create the perfect mood and ambience, this lamp has everything in its design to bring that, the shape and the silver, isn’t it perfectly royal? Having it in one corner of my room with a lamp or candle to light inside everyday would take me back in time...when India, every Indian home in fact was a paradise on earth to live :-)

So there they are with everything Indian about them, three exquisite pieces in my wish list for my home decor attempt with this theme. There is nothing quite like decorating an Indian home, especially with the number of choices that we have beyond the current trends of interior decoration and architecture.Our diversity is indeed our strength.

Home is a place of retreat, where we are constantly loved and are reminded of our roots. To 'Keep It Indian' as much as possible is my theme because no matter what we become or where we go the Indian within us is meant to stay. And to have it personalized in our space is to tend to that much deserved pride. What do you people have to say? :-)


This post is a part of Makemyhome activity at


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