Saturday, March 14, 2015

Chumbak Turns Five-Congratulations!

  “It is just a wallet!”

Amma grinned.

“Whaaa...t! It is CHUMBAK!

I remarked and sulked into my ‘boohoo’ mood under the rug on that sleepless night. I had lost my wallet during a BMTC bus ride, a high probability occurrence in Bangalore. This happened a fortnight ago, a typical theft episode, an impecunious looking lady carrying a baby on her waist was standing behind me in the bus while I was about to get down at a stop. Before I felt her hand brushing past my body the bus was gone, so was my CHUMBAK wallet! While I was my worrywart self with the process and procedures of lodging a FIR and blocking my ATM cards I consoled myself thinking of how the money may help that lady feed her child, but what I couldn’t get over was the other loss. The wallet was very special; I do not know how to explain this connection. It was not a gift, it did not have any photographs or memorabilia yet this incident made me feel like an important part of ’me’ was gone. Over a period of time we get attached to the things we use, things with which we identify ourselves, for example that particular cup in which we like our coffee or the pen we use for a signature. At least people like me do. This was something of that sort. The grief was quite but obvious.

What happened the following day was a one in a million event. An another lady called me around noon saying that she has found a wallet with some cards in a drain near her house, it took me a while to believe her.

“How does it look like?” I askedwhen his eyes fell on it.

“Orange and white colour Madam, with birds flying” she replied.

That had to be my ‘Chumbak Kabutar Wallet’! I was on cloud nine at that very moment. . I was so frantic about the whole thing, my feeling was the sooner I get it back the better. I noted down her details and a friend of mine was kind enough to ride through the gullies and got it from her place in a couple of hours.The wallet, well is now back home. Frankly I am very scared to use loose it again and hence have locked it in my drawer :-) I did share this experience with the Chumbak team by writing a mail and hopped on to their website to order some new Chumbak stuff :-)

When folks and friends look at all things ‘Chumbak’ that I own the usual comment is:

“Ah! Wait a minute I know where it is from…”

CHUMBAK has now turned five, and when I look back at the oldest and fondest memories where do I begin? Years ago I came to know about the initiative in Bangalore by word of mouth. A couple of friends told me about a new range of products which had everything Indian about them. So when I visited their website, the Indian in me HAD to get curious. I had this gut feeling that this one is going to get trendy, particularly the illustrations and characters. The ‘Indianness’is completely relatable. I am a fan of sweet sarcasm, especially when you know where to draw the line. And thus started my love story.

 My Chumbak Stuff  :-)

I am not the kind of person who goes on an online shopping spree but with Chumbak it is different. Be it my first purchase, the ‘7 Blunders Of The World’ poster me and my best friend own, one each in our rooms because it is something we firmly  believe in; the ‘Best Brother’ coffee mug I gifted to my brother on his birthday three years ago, I still cannot forget the smile he gave(which he gives on rare ocassions!) when his eyes fell on it; the huge ‘You Know You Are Indian’ tin I use to store everything important under the sun; the ‘Street Food Tin’ and ‘Mithai Tin’ I use to store everything except sweet and candies; the ‘Kabutar Wallet’ and ‘Cat Tech Wallet’ which store more than what I earn, and the latest addition to my Chumbak collection I am yet to wear and flaunt, the ‘Birds In Love’ scarf and a gift that I have got for one of my juniors from my medical college, a  ‘Decorative Elephant Phone Case’ for her iPhone, well I have loved them all.

“Di, mujhe bhi Chumbak chahiye!” she says whenever she sees any Chumbak stuff of mine. She will definitely be happy when she sees it like I always do when I see my Chumbaks. Here is wishing you fifty and hundred more anniversaries Team Chumbak, grow and spread the Indianness across the world.

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