Tuesday, March 3, 2015

World Is But A Wonder Island

Last night I had a DREAM.

There was this man on an island, and the rest is not in my memory. I was, of course under the might and main of a very interesting but difficult question offered by Blogadda.

“…what if the world could be remade, your way? If you were the creator who rebuilds the world, what kind of world would you build? What would you retain from this world? Which parts would you demolish and rebuild in a new way? What kind of world would you create that makes you exclaim with pride and happiness Here’s The World, Remade! ”

The last time I was in this state of eternal dilemma was during my MD exams an year ago when four examiners were looking at me with four different expressions for every answer that I gave them ;-) I have spent almost a whole fortnight after Blogadda came up with this activity. While I inquired friends and folks about what kind of world they want to live in, some were quite pessimistic for obvious reasons; hope is the last thing they have. Many of my blogger friends have come up with some excellent practical and philosophical ideas. I have a slightly outré take on this matter.

We live in a world with plenty of space, it’s a spacious world despite the seventy one percent water. More than anything else we have been given countless opportunities and chances through this course of evolution. If we had to strike a balance we would have long ago, what say? A greener planet with all seasons, a world without borders, people without religions, houses without poverty , women without struggle, men without trouble, children without hunger- well the very fact that these issues make it to our ‘TO-DO-LIST’ if we had the power of the creator to rebuild this world, this tells us a lot about why we have gone wrong where.

Restoring greenery, getting birds to chirp on the trees, letting the rivers flow is none of our business. They would be better without us and our interventions, I agree to what Blogadda says-we belong to the world more than the world belonging to us. On the other end if we are talking about providing better living conditions,  and human rights to all the people of this world we are entering a conflict zone again, it does not take long to give up on something and compromise, does it? Our signs of omission and commission on this planet are too grave to be readdressed. Do watch this Steve Cutts video on ‘MAN’, for a better picture:


A building here, a bridge there
A flower or a tree nowhere
O'my fellow men and women
Look at the how the world has become

Not every alien is a PK right :-), the ending in the video is quite a formidable thought. While I pondered with a flight of fancy over the great idea of ‘demolishing’, ‘rebuilding’, ‘retaining’ and ‘creating’ this world if I had the power; the man of my dream, well before you get it any wrong- the Robinson Crusoe look alike on his ‘Más a Tierra’ was back again. This time with a sensible vengeance, for keeping him lost in my thoughts.

“Girl, why don’t you strand every man in a small island and just let him be?”

He had a point. What if the continental drift happened in such a way that we all had an independent piece of land, one for each. Nobody and nothing else on it. No Eve for Adam. She would have a land of her own. And he would have to swim across the seas and oceans to reach her, she would have to wait for him for days and nights. Love and life would have had a deeper meaning then, more than a mere accident.  One cannot help feeling that there is something more utopian and silly about this idea, more than the ‘restoration’ and ‘beautification’ we all wish to make in this world. But well, as far as this blog post is concerned I have the power ;-)

The power of the creator is too divine to be underestimated and exploited. If I were the creator, I would have a slight change in my plan unlike the current scheme of things. I would make it a tad bit difficult for the Homo sapiens here, each one surrounded by water on a tiny island and I would see all of them evolve from scratch. All the humans would not take all corners of the globe and say this belongs to us. It would be interesting to sit and watch them under this strange kind of stress unlike the ones of now- ‘Oh I gotta get some fuel’, ‘My wife needs a ring’,’ I need to earn more’, ‘ Let me check the stocks’, ‘This is my last drink’. It would be a great show. Over the year people may still build bridges and row boats to meet each other, that would require effort and therefore it will be valued. More importantly the other flora and fauna would be spared to some extent, anyways there is nothing much that they need from us. Sustainability would then have some meaning. On a contemplative note, we are yet to concentrate on the loopholes of our coming to being. We are on one hand very fortunate for some qualities we own.  Ideas, intelligence, knowledge, energy, dignity, feelings and emotions are what that defines humanity. I wish to retain that in our species- the real sense of  ‘HUMANITY’ towards each other and the rest of the beings in this world.  

‘No man is an island’ but put him on one and he will realize his blessings. What Gandhiji believed as blunders would definitely turn into seven wonders of the world- ‘wealth with work, pleasure with conscience, knowledge with character, commerce with morality, science with humanity, worship with sacrifice, politics with principle’. And that would be everyone's real pride and happiness!

While people prefer posters of their favourite sportsmen or filmstars in their room, no matter which house or room I move to, this Chumbak one always has a place on my cupboard. This is just a constant reminder for myself.  If I cannot make the world a better place, I do not have the right to make it worse.


 PS : I am participating in the #TheWorldRemade activity at BlogAdda in association with India Today #Conclave15 .


swati bassi said...

Nice post!!
‘wealth with work, pleasure with conscience, knowledge with character, commerce with morality, science with humanity, worship with sacrifice, politics with principle’.
You expressed so well, in sync with the topic.

Sang said...

Really nice. I wish I have an island and my man have to swim across to meet me. Hahaha. Fun it will be.

Raksha Bhat said...

@swati bassi: Thank you so much...I really wish these wonders become our reality...let us all strive towards it in whatever we do :-)

@Sang: Fun yeah, only if you wait :-D Thank you for stopping by!

Partha said...

Congrats for winning the contest

Raksha Bhat said...

@Partha: Thank you Partha :-)

vikram suryawanshi said...

very nicely written...............I wrote on the same topic here http://vikrams777.blogspot.in/2015/03/the-flawless-world.html plz comment your views :)