Friday, April 17, 2015

The Strange Case of 'Open Letters'

The purpose of this post is an unsettling query about a strange trend I see these days, tell me when you see this in the title “An Open Letter To…” what do you do? Well, I out of great curiosity read it. Most of us do because it is human nature to do so. And of course what follows is the likes, shares and tweets all over the social media. Quite a nice way to put a point across or become famous ain’t it? And that would depend on what exactly is the intention. Most of the letters I read end up making me feel the case is the latter. One of my friends over coffee today asked “Did you read that open letter of….too good right?”

“Actions speak louder than words” I replied.

Old saying, but true. If someone feels so strongly for a cause he or she would rather contribute in some way towards it, not by merely raising a voice with a surfeit of words and strong emotions. But there is another angle to it. Is it important to share an opinion that you have, irrespective of whether you are a celebrity or not? To a certain extent it is, but what after that? What makes someone write an open letter to someone? What are the chances that your “Dear so and so…” reads it and not just one large audience. Words do flow at the heat of the moment when everyone is talking about an issue, particularly when the media is all over and about it. On most occasions there is more hullabaloo over the letter more the matter itself! I don’t have to quote any of the famous open letters for that here, that would amount to publicity.

I have a few questions for all those who have written those open letters “So what did you do apart from the letter?” Anything that you did about the matter you felt so much, did it bring a change that you want?” Considering the risk of seeming snooty I dropped the idea of starting this post “An Open Letter To Those Who Write Open Letters’ .  I just did not want this to be another one. This is for all of us, including the people like me who are pretty bad it. The more uncomfortable part while reading all these letters is whether do we really deal with these problems at ground level. This thought struggles inside my head with much restlessness, the next time I find an open letter on my timeline or in my inbox I am definitely going to throw up saying 'Oh no! Not Again!” If only we take the weight of responsibility and the burden of guilt tad differently and seriously.

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