Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Way Of Words

"What happened?" asked a lady who was sitting beside me.

"Nothing" I replied and I wiped my tears.

What prompted that question was this poem in a book I was reading on the journey back home in the bus this evening.I have gone back to this page at least a twenty times since I finished this book. I read and re read. It is  incredible to think of the way of words, the power that they have especially on people like me. Well, no good bottle of wine or a cup of ice cream matches that. The happiness or pain that one can relate to is proportional to how much one wants to open up to the book. There is a reason why books are the best friends of some people, I belong to that category. Sometimes I end up imagining the characters living around me! It is not spooky at all. Sometimes getting over a relationship is easier than getting over a book!

Anyone there like me?



1 comment:

Rajesh said...

Most of us. Glad that you could put the feeling to words.