Sunday, July 19, 2015

Grand Love

Kellogg’s Chocos at Indiblogger came up with an interesting invite to share ‘Khushi Ke Pal’ that we may have experienced or come across. This post is all about it. "Do you or anyone you know live by the mantra of ‘buddy parenting’?" was what we were asked.

Yes of course, undoubtedly for me it is this man, a great buddy grandparent. Every time I see him with these two munchkins I feel that these little ones could not have asked for more. With a darling Grandpa like him there is nothing that they have to worry about. Just look at the way the three sleep together in their own world. I feel like standing and watching them forever!

Prakash uncle is one of the exceptional people I know, such simplicity with a brilliant mind and a heart of gold, he is known for his no nonsense personality in our circle of friends. The fact that his younger son, a close of friend of mine is a solid prototype of Bill Watterson’s Calvin makes me love this uncle all the more. I am in awe of him. The things that he has to put up with just for him, well that is what I am proud of.  Siddartha and Samartha are twins born to his elder son last year, because of these two angels all our lives have changed in a way or the other. It is only laughter, cries, toddler talks, songs, toys, colours, stars and sunshine all around. I eagerly wait for a holiday to visit and play with them. 

What makes me feel special about uncle as a grandparent is the new side of him that I am getting to see, the things that he does with them and for them is absolutely incredible. Grandparents are the best buddies children can ask for, growing up with them makes children understand and develop values which last for life. Today’s kids indeed know a lot, inculcating good habits in them is a task by itself. What uncle does is just that and with such ease that you cannot help but feel extremely proud of him, I guess he feels that the best way to bond with his grandsons is to do things along with them. Have a look at this video to know.


Isn't he too good? That singing, hmm I am a fan of it since years. It has always been a pleasure to hear to him especially the Rafi songs that he sings. Look at that expression of the boys on his lap, such unswerving attention. When it is music they are all ears. It brings something magical around them, not to forget another thing. this video was taken when they were less than an year old. It only makes me hope for a grand medley from the three very soon. I wish their lives are filled with many more of these bonding moments and ‘Khushi Ke Pal’. This is just one of those beautiful moments of learning that they get to do with their talented Grandpa. Childhood blooms when there is good guidance, letting kids be kids is more of a skill more than merely showering them will dollops of love or laying down strict rules and guidelines. For me Prakash uncle is all about that. With a grandparent like him 'Khuljayega Har Bachpan'. I am smitten with his 'Grand Love' for his grandsons as much as I am with his singing. These three are truly adorable.

PS: This post is written as a part of Kellogg’s Chocos ke saath ‘Khuljaye Bachpan’at Indiblogger


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