Thursday, August 27, 2015

Kejriwal Side Up

While Kejriwal has resorted to taking side of polticians, of some we would have least expected him to, last week I was at the Egg Factory in Manipal with a friend of mine and we happened to see this in their menu.

We have a thing in our circle for ordering the quirkiest of the dishes we spot in the list. This name therefore deserved a try. Our breakfast was indeed getting amazing coupled with the morning air and the ambience of the place. The pasta,the kothuparatha, the coffee and the chlorophyll fix that we had ordered was simply filling. It was one of the best breakfast we have had in the recent times. And then this arrived in the end, just like the Aam Admi man, full of expectations!

 Looked yummm!

Well, all was well until..

"I cannot eat this raw" said my friend looking at it with bemusement.

The waiter then helped us by taking it away for some extra processing. When I think of this now it reminds me of what the man, Kejriwal really is and what he needs. A turn and a toast, a burn before he decides to run. And this is how it appeared later.

This was gobbled somehow ;-)

Such coincidence, some things do not really seem good when they are raw. Eggs or politicians.


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