Monday, July 28, 2014

Full Circle

 Tangy Tuesday Picks at Blogadda-July 29th 2014
Tangy Tuesday Picks-Blogadda-July 29th 2014

“Having a place to go is home, having someone to love is family, having both is a blessing”

-Donna Hedges-

This story began with an extraordinary discovery Appa made sitting in the balcony one afternoon of this fortnight “Look! There!” he said, “Where?” I asked. He pointed between the leaves of a young coconut tree which is growing within the compound of the house across the road.  And from then on I had the pleasure of watching a beautiful family of jungle babblers come to become. They went about their daily errands in complete ignorance of being watched. The parents would fly to get food like worms, insects and what not to feed the hungry little ones. And they would open their raw and red beaks widely, each one thinking he or she is chirping louder than the other. It more seemed like they were saying “Mama for me! Me! Me!” What a precious sight and sound that was!

There were three of them in total if I am right, and what ruckus they created especially in the afternoons. On most of the times it was the neighborhood cat lurking around the nest waiting to make them his satiating lunch, and then there were those cloudbursts at odd hours. The nest was made at a very odd place, one strong breeze and they could be down on earth. Despite all this the fledglings always remained protected because one of their parents was always around in the building.

In a matter of few days I saw them perch on the edge of the nest, the mother or father would rush flying from nowhere to keep an eye on their movements. When they could obviously manage themselves they started taking steps, one by one. They made small leaps first on the tree which held their nest, and then they slowly jumped fluttering their wings to the nearby areas, on the bush, on the ground, on the compound and within no time they were out of sight. The nest is all that remains now when it is no longer necessary, with still and spawning memories.

Four years ago I had written this poem: Roots And Wings for the love our parents show us. Only when we bring our focus to certain things in nature we realize some of our blessings, there are messages in everything that is happening around. Even a small reed of grass swaying with the wind has a thing to tell. Now when I look at this empty nest I think of the babblers, “Where have they gone? What have they become?” Maybe I will find another nest by the younger ones somewhere around here again.

I am sure there are many concrete blocks down any road with the same story as this nest. People getting married, having children, bringing them up, looking after them, teaching them, seeing them grow and seeing them go. Isn’t it amazing how life comes in a full circle, even for us humans. Too abstruse I know, maybe that’s what The Big Bang Theory is all about, "we come together to move away" -LIFE !


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Reflections-Thursday Challenge


Be Clear
Make Positive Ripples
Look Beneath The Surface
Stay Calm
Shore Up Friendships
Take Time To REFLECT
Be Full Of Life!

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Love Black-No Lack

“Hmmm…do you have it in black?”

All you ‘black-is-so-me’ people like me out there remember this question you ask every time in a reflex? I have lost count of the number of mumbles and stares I get when I go “Give me anything, but make sure it’s in black!” I do not intend this to be just another post on dresses and suits, shoes and belts, kajals and eyeliners, wallets and purses, cars and bikes, canines and felines. I am of the opinion that for anyone who lives with this colour it is an obvious choice for all his wants and needs, and I bet there WILL be more than five! Since the time Blogadda came up with this question I have been a little uneasy, frankly for a week I had not gone beyond thinking “Only five? Why Blogadda? Why?” :-) 

And then I get this little black bookmark inside a book from them which I had the chance to review! :-)

Desiring’ something in black? Well it had to be genuinely intense. I love and prefer this colour over the others not because it makes me feel classy, good, beautiful, smart or unconventional. I have seen, heard, read and learnt about the colour from people and characters who have carried it more than in their attire or accessories in their heart and soul. I relate to this colour that way, something more than ‘Black- is-my favorite’. You know somehow one cannot stop noticing certain things, how a colour which half the world considers a bad omen or sign adds to the magic something or someone can bring, that’s my only reason for wanting these awe inspiring stuffs in BLACK:

·         For BLACK brings me SMILE when it is much needed!

“I thought I would dress in baggy pants, big shoes, a cane and a derby hat. Everything a contradiction: the pants baggy, the coat tight, the hat small and the shoes large”

-Charlie Chaplin-

The happiness Chaplin has brought to this world cannot be put in words. Above is just one of my favorite scenes from his movie ‘A Dog’s Life’. Such was the man and such was the colour he chose. No bows, no ties. No trim, no grim. A jolly good fellow in the truest sense. If anyone can get me CHAPLIN’S HAT, I promise to watch his movies full day with you ;-)

·         For BLACK brings back my CHILDHOOD when I think I have grown up!

“All ducks are black Amma?” I used to ask my mother and she used to convince me by answering “No the crazy ones are Raksha!” I cannot imagine those times of watching ‘The Looney Tunes’ on Cartoon Network without this black bird. What wit, what wisdom and what timing! If anyone can get me all the DAFFY DUCK LOONEY TUNES VIDEOS compiled together I promise to watch them too ;-)

One of the daffiest moment of this bird here:


“Daffy Duck he had a farm, E... I... E... I... O.
And on this farm he had an *igloo*
Ee... ayyy... ee... ayyy... dohhh? “

·         For BLACK brings bitter for good!

“Tea is like a hug in a cup”

-Patrick Jane-

Whoever called this beverage ‘liquid wisdom’ must have been wise. I have never seen anything loose itself and spread all its colour and flavor in a cup of hot water so instantly. I have survived many days and nights gulping BLACK TEA, more than water in fact, those examinations I tell you in medical school in the last ten years of my life! This desire isn't any addiction, it has done more good than harm. Anyone willing to make a cup for me, I assure you a great deal of conversation while we have it and of course lots of love.  By the way I like it earl grey without sugar ;-)

·         For BLACK brings me FANTASY when I am done with reality!

“We've all got both light and dark inside us.What matters is the part we choose to act on.
That's who we really are.”
- Sirius Black  -

Siriusly!!! For any HP fan this spelling may seem more than right. You know characters such as these in stories teach a reader so much about loyalty and life. There were moments when I had thought “Who is this freaky man?” about Sirius Black while I read the earlier pages of the bookHarry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban’. By the end of the HP series I was of the opinion that after James and Lily, his parents, Sirius Black was the next best thing that has happened to Harry. Who can forget the scene when he punches Malfoy and says “Get away from my Godson!such selfless care and love. True to his name, ‘Sirius’- the brightest is always in the darkest. If anyone can get me his FLYING MOTORCYCLE which Hagrid used to drop little Harry at the Dudley's, we could go for a ride around the skies after our black tea ;-)

·         For BLACK brings satiety to my heart  more than my sweet tooth!

"I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream"

-Riley Weber-

Who wouldn’t say yes for an ice cream? The joy that it brings especially during the winters, nothing like it. ‘Kuro-Goma’ or BLACK SESAME ICE CREAM so called in Japan looks a little different. The flavour and obviously the colour interests me, we could have this for the dessert on our way back. What say? Anyone game? For black in simple pleasures of life? ;-)

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