Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Peace & Pieces

All this uproar of peace in our heart
Has no greater purpose in this world
For we enjoy this weird drama of life
Paying for tickets at this foolish cost
Without knowing that we play a part
In pieces we are swiveled and swirled
Here and there to script our own strife 
With prayers forgotten and roads lost


Monday, September 7, 2015

Cellfie !

"Can you tell me what is that you find in this picture?"

I asked a dear friend of mine today who unfortunately but willingly did not get into medicine years ago.

"At two places there are smaller particles than the rest, little above the centre..." he replied.

"Not bad! Gonococcus inside pus cells, that's from urethral discharge" I said in excitement.

"Ugh! Careful!" he said.

"They are heat fixed and dead!Don't worry" I said and reassured him.

"See I would have made a good doctor" he opined with pride.

Of course he would have, life is all about the choices we make isn't it. There are moments when I screen these slides for minutes together and miss some fields which would have led me to some important diagnosis. And then there are moments such as this when I know what I find under the microscope is going to change someone's life. There is no satisfaction greater than that, therefore I go from one field to the other, to another and finally end up with a stiff neck! 

It is an interesting world out there, in and around the cells.How our body interacts with the pathogens is a beautiful science. What you see in the picture are intracellular organisms, imagine our body mounting an immune response and trying to engulf these little bugs, things inside are more dynamic than we know.


Sunday, September 6, 2015

Books-Choices & Me

This year I am trying to be a voracious reader, a little diverse as well.I decided to stop all the English Vinglish and start something in Kannada last week. A lot of people had recommended me this book before. 

I am not yet done with the book but so far it has been a great read, usually people write reviews when they finish reading the book but I felt like talking about it today for a different reason. While I flip from page to page I am realizing how much I have missed reading Kannada all these years! Thankfully I can do more than just manage! We Indians are blessed with wonderful languages and we rarely do appreciate our own literature.It is enormously commendable, isn't it?  I have realized my fault, have you? Do share any must reads that you know of ,I will be happy to read :-)