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A Puzzle Solved, Almost!

Team Tandem Tensome

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Round 2: Chapter 20: A Puzzle Solved, Almost!

The pieces were starting to fit, Jennifer saw him take Roohi into his mansion. It was weird. He had brought her out saying he would go to the stores. There was no ice cream anywhere. She carefully walked behind him avoiding his sight while he kept looking over his shoulder. Jennifer saw those eyes, full of pernicious intent. This was not the man at Shekhar’s house.

A chill ran down her spine, if there was something she could do, it was ‘RIGHT NOW’ she reassured herself.
She took out her cell phone and made a call.

‘Jennifer Calling’ read Shekhar’s phone. Troubles they say come together; the phone was not with Shekhar. He sat flipping channels on the television with Cyrus in the living room.
Tara heard the phone ringing and her eyes fell on the name, this new photographer had reached their bedroom. This was it. As she continued to fret over the situation a message beeped:


Tara dropped the phone and ran to the living room.


Jennifer jumped up the fence of the garden at the backyard of Mr. Ahuja’s mansion with her camera on. Fluff was at the front gate. She had to avoid the barking, the slightest noise and she would be bringing more harm than help. She wanted to catch this man red handed. All she could think now was to save Roohi and get proof.

She called Cyrus. He picked up.

“Hello listen, get Shekhar and Tara to Mr. Ahuja’s, CALL THE POLICE, we need HELP!” said Jennifer before Cyrus could ask or say anything. Cyrus did as instructed.

She climbed up the pipe and reached the balcony, the door was open. She could see a huge room, toys and toys and toys everywhere.

Strange!” Is this some Wonder Land?”

“What is this bloody freak up to? Or am I thinking too much?” she thought.

Seeing Mr.Ahuja enter the room she hid behind the balcony window, Roohi ran inside like any kid would. The toys delighted her. The train, the towers, the lights, the dolls, the teddy bears….

“Pick anything you want Roohi, everything is for you my darling!” said Mr. Ahuja.

“That’s nice of him!” thought Jennifer hearing him from behind the curtains. She did not want to get caught now, it would be a definite embarrassment, following him for a stupid doubt that too, trust was something which never came easy to her.

Roohi was about to run to a huge teddy when…

Mr.Ahuja stopped the little girl and held her arms with his entire grip saying “But you gotta do one thing for me princess, only then!”.

" are hurting me...let me go...please" Roohi started crying and pleading.

He did not. Jennifer who was silently clicking pictures until then was aghast.

“O’ My…O’ My GOD!!!” she screamed and ran into the room seeing Mr.Ahuja put his hand on Roohi’s frock.

His face tightened ”What the hell are you doing here?” he yelled.

Jennifer got his hand off Roohi and hugged her, “Get off you B******” she said and kicked him hard. He was knocked down by her blow, she was a tough girl indeed.

“So this is why you got her here, you S** OF A B**** shall go to hell!”

As Jennifer said and started throwing anything she could get her hand on at him, Mr.Ahuja got up and dashed around. Roohi started crying looking at the brawl and hid behind Jennifer holding her tight. Jennifer’s hand was bleeding again but she did not give up, her only priority was to keep Roohi away from the brute.

The police barged in, they could hear the commotion upstairs in the forsaken mansion. Shekhar rushed in, so did Tara, and Cyrus too. The atmosphere was lunatic. Mr.Ahuja was tied down.

Jennifer shrieked telling everyone about the heinous act the man was about to commit, hearing which Shekhar punched him on his face and said “You bloody…dare you get near my daughter!”

“How could he let it happen!?!” he thought and cried.

“Roohi…Roohi” he called, his eyes frantically searching for her.

The police handcuffed Mr.Ahuja and took him away. Roohi ran and jumped into Shekhar’s arms. 

“Papa!” she said hugging him tight and did not let go of him until they reached home.

It was apparent for Cyrus that Jennifer was a brave girl, and what she did today was not beyond any surprise for him, for a moment he was proud he knew her. “Do you feel better now?” he asked looking at her wound, trying to wrap it up again with his handkerchief to control all those bleeders.

“Yes! I do…” Jennifer replied hearing which Shekhar knew he could not thank her enough for saving his only daughter, and his life. He held and pecked Jennifer on her forehead.

Tara felt she was deep down sinking in her vacuum, Roohi did not look at her even once… nobody did…was there anything she could do now or was it too late?

 ”Sweetheart the things you get into I tell you!” Cyrus took Jennifer’s arms and remarked as they slowly walked back, mentally making a note:

”Time to do something before it’s late, this gutsy girl 'WILL' know who’s who, Cyrus a.k.a.‘Nikhil Rathod’ the BLOGGER”

"For the survive...there is too much evil around..."

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Paths Crossed, A Journey Begun

Team Tandem Tensome

“I don't think that anything happens by coincidence. No one is here by accident. Everyone who crosses our path has a message for us. Otherwise they would have taken another path, or left earlier or later. The fact that these people are here means that they are here for some reason” 

-James Redfield, The Celestine Prophecy: A Pocket Guide to the Nine Insights-

CHAPTER 1: Paths Crossed, A Journey Begun

“Too much to do, too less time!” Jennifer sighed as she stood on the platform fumbling with a dozen of those funky bracelets she was wearing. There were all signs of travel at the station until a loud announcement like always in a railway manner happened. Her train was to arrive an hour late. She looked this way and that wondering what to do now. Porters and vendors were moving around, folks and friends had gathered like a school of fish except for the fact that they were not hers. ”Travelling anywhere and anytime must be an event of some life changing significance!” she thought looking at them amusingly.
Kochi had given Jennifer everything that she had wanted, well almost, but she was a girl with a futuristic perspective, leaving her home town for a couple of months at this point of life was not really a big decision for her. It was a pleasure, and an experiment. She knew she had one life, and her one camera to make it worth living. Clicking and working on pictures for her was more than a mere impulse, now at this place with an hour at hand and with a horde of interesting subjects around, she could not have asked for more.
 Click! Click!”
A click here, a click there, nothing stopped her. She adjusted her camera strap and turned to the screen for a moment to look at her shots. She deleted some bad ones and prided herself for some nice captures for the day, particularly the one with the man on the bench in the corner had come out well. And before she could start again she heard a voice from that direction.
“What the…?”
The same man…fair, bald and French bearded adjusting his thin spectacles gave her a little puzzled look and said. For a moment she wanted to apologize, she must have made him feel uncomfortable she thought, but there was something weirdly gentle about his voice. She stared at him and smiled. He smiled too.
“Hello Ma’ m, are you one of those with a DSLR, can I have a look at my pictures, I doubt if they are any good!” he remarked with a quaint formality.
Clipping her hair over her shoulder she started walking towards the bench he was sitting on and said “I hope you did not mind!”
“Oh, not at all!”
There was a pause and a look passed between them as he said that. Here was a dusky girl with no makeup, no blow dried hair, wearing an over sized tee and shorts doing something which she was passionate about amidst the chaos, it was not difficult to get intrigued by Jennifer. “In life not often one finds people who are more interesting than beautiful” he thought.
While she came sat beside him “So where are you heading to Ms…?’ he asked.
The way he spoke was more adorable than flirtatious, and the good thing was she took note of it. Jennifer liked meeting new people.
“Um…yeah. I am a photographer. I am on my way towards Mumbai. Work calling you see, joining a media firm for an assignment, and you?”
In a rekindled reverie, he thought of the many young and headstrong, like how he was years ago before shifting to Mumbai, a city now his home and said “Sounds great! Myself Shekhar, Shekhar Dutta, I am a writer, I think the look of one must have made you take my pictures, I am heading towards the same place as you, so Mumbai calling huh! Nice!”
She started showing him her shots leaning close, he couldn’t help but notice her right hand.
“That’s an interesting one you have got!” he opined.
“Oh that one! Thank you! That’s because you seem to be in some deep thought which makes it for a good frame, well more than the angle and the light…” she went on.
“I was speaking about your tattoo” he said and smiled again.
“Is that a fairy?” he asked curiously.
Jennifer laughed and looked at her hand, her face broke into the biggest smile when she thought about how much she wanted to travel, how much she wanted to see the world and how much she wanted to fly and be like one.
“Ah! Yes!” she replied getting up and adjusting her backpack.
“My daughter Roohi, she believes they exist too!”
She beamed hearing him say this, “He he…thanks! I thought I was the only one!” she said.
The sound of the train on the track grew louder as it appeared from the turn.
“Oh there it is!” said both pointing at it in unison and laughed.
A good conversation between two about-to-become friends was about to end, the train would stop only for a couple of minutes at the station. He took out a piece of paper from his track pant pocket and hurriedly scribbled his address and number.
”Do call me if need be, Mumbai is the place where you shall become, all the best!”
He wished and handed it over to her, and walked away to find his compartment. Jennifer all happy and pleased ran too, for there was too much to do and too less time.
As Shekhar sat down, the train started. He leaned up the window railing” What did she say, what was her name?!?” he wondered.
Paths had crossed and a journey had begun.

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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Big Hug & Kiss

One of my favorite smell is that of an old book, that musty sweet odour does take some of us to another world.  And like a cherry on top some of them have a postcard, an invite, a sketch, a bookmark, a date or a note. They are like a window to somebody's world, It is always a pleasure to read these personal messages in old books, I found one today right under the cover written with a pencil that made me like the book all the more . Especially the last line "Big hug & kiss", you know when you actually relate to it as though someone wrote it for you, that feeling :-)

Good night