Monday, May 27, 2013

In Conversation - The High Five Men

Ever since the connections between the two legged mortals across the world have improved things have changed more than anyone has ever wanted. The cell phone towers have outgrown the number of trees and have threatened the very existence of the sparrows who remain conveniently forgotten. The morning alarms are more through the cell phones than the bird chirps, well only if they could virtually tweet or use an anger emoticon as a status update. To top that a fortnight back we had one particular man with a statement “I am not a lame duck”  The lameness because of which those innumerable scams have happened right under his nose in his network of administration is an attribution enough. Why call a duck lame when you are so one? Leave the soft feathered souls.

The great misfortune that has befallen this country is that good governance is diluted in bad politics and as expected a huge educated Indian populace codemnns, judges and opines about such self assertments and explanations from their representatives way more than they understand. But when on rare occasions when a word comes from this leader of towering silence, well he needs to be given a platform to speak his heart out as much as his critics and the public does, and stand for his actions [if any].

Considering the lack of his connectivity with the general public how about a ‘WeChatWithThePM’ campaign. Always in a blue turban and once in a blue moon talk does not help I say! ;-) The strategy is this, we first will have to block Madamji, you know to avoid all the expected influences. Secondly we will be having an advisory panel to ensure that we help him to ‘speak and act’ which are words disappearing from his dictionary.

Here are the people to our rescue. He shall be assisted by The Gangnam Man with ‘The Shake Option’ Breathe in, relax and go “Oppan Gangnam Style” two minutes before any conversation and this we hope will work to move his otherwise flaccid muscles, at the least an inch, well that would be great to demonstrate some sign of activity.


The Invisible Man would be helping him get our opinions with ‘The Drift Bottle Option’ which  lies in the sea, thrown only to be forgotten. It is high time he hears to what his fellow countrymen have to tell him, one on one.

With ‘The Look Around Option’ he shall be given suggestions and solutions to all the issues of national concern, he is deaf ears and blind eyes simply because he has no good assistance or help. He shall worry not, for that we have The Common Man, someone who has represented us on the receiving end for years with all kinds of people in the parliament. To find an answer we first have to face the question, any better choice ?


Lastly what we would be aiming at is something close to impossible. We will be leaving him for a tête-à-tête with The Laughter Man who shall teach him the value of emoticons and emotions, a few hours a day should do. And the day we catch a glimpse of his teeth, well that photograph will be the highest captured and shared with ‘The Moments Option’. We need a happy leader to be happy right? :-)

That makes my weird high five, so how many fists in the air? ;-)
PS:Wanna talk beyond the Quack! Quack! Wanna join this developmental conversation? You never know when is the next opportunity, if at all! Join in, the comment box is waiting :-)

PS2: Written as a part of  Indiblogger and WeChat , a new way to connect :-)