Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pursuit Of Happyness:)!

The word 'HAPPY' means different things to different people.

-a simple smile[ the baby one...geee:)]

-the girl/boy next door[;)]

-family and friends[u know they are always matter what:)]

-when India wins a cricket match![:))))]

-a warm hug[from your besttt friend:)]

-appreciation at work[from ur frowny boss:P]

-a colourful butterfly[ wish you could fly!!!]

-'good' money[hard earned;)]

-a bird's song[tweee..twitter!]

-a salary hike[:P]

-beautiful weather[the smell of wet soil after the first rain!!!]

-a new car[vroooooom!!!]

-loving thyself:)!

In the unlikeliest of times happiness can seep as a ray of hope through the dark clouds.
Happiness is the most sought after,at the same time most elusive of all treasures.
The more you give,the most you get.Value the people and things which bring you happiness.
Link the end of your life to the beginning and think of how happy you want to spend it.Its all about finding inner peace,it cannot come from a static environment.We have to achieve it by broadening our horizons,sometimes we trip and fall,but the pleasure of trying it is far more greater than the stress.Life is all about improvization,being dynamic and not setting unrealistic targets.Happiness is more than a state of mind.....

Not once since the world began,

Has the sun stopped shining.

His light and warmth through a million years

Not a wee bit declining.

No doubts at times he hid his face
When thunder storms blew loud

He was there,but if we saw him not
We should blame it on the cloud.

The clouds of grief or hatred beset us

Often it seems with no silver lining,
But do not despair,behind those clouds

God's love is always shining!



The wild said...

Nice blog ,can totally relate to it.Also if possible try to watch the movie- "In the pursuite of happynesss :)" an amazing movie to say the least

Akshaya Borkar said...

Hi Raksha,
Nice blog. you have beautiful qoutes and poems in your blog and I am amazed that you can manage a blog even while being in such a busy profession. Kuddos to you.. keep posting