Sunday, December 19, 2010

Physiology Of Living - Some Matters In The End

If  life is on the edge, the day meets nothing but a colder night
And you cannot walk back home, do not wonder what to do
Stay where you are, let those roots creep and grow with might
Else dare a free fall, but rot not with storms damp and blue!

The world is going to get older again very soon! As a year ends it brings a bag of mixed feelings and signals. I do not believe in celebrating the start of the next with much ado but this season definitely makes me look back at the time that I have lost and things that I haven’t done! One fact I woudn’t regret about is that I have spent most of the months with just myself with things I love doing [reading]. Reality comes tagged with a price and I do not mind paying.There is so much more that I have missed, simply because I did not have choice.Life is much harder when there is so much thrown on us and we have to make one choice.

I just hope the days and nights get better.When I think of the times to come the first thing that creeps like an irritating worm in my mind is the idea of resolutions,and this year I have strongly resolved not to make any.Every year is full of possibilities and any time is the right time!

So this is what I am going to say to myself…

"Eat your share of cherry on the cake and get drunk[the latter does not apply to the author;-)], make new friends and remember to love the old ones, read a good book and learn a new song, say a kind word and spread a big smile, make no promise that turns you weak and build no fence that you cannot break, make mistakes but learn.Wander away on your road and fill up that one little empty spot in your sky with your favourite colour and rejoice!"

This chap never makes me feel worse!:)


Sumit Sarkar said...

"Every year is full of possibilities and any time is the right time!"..
It was a good read.. :)

Raksha Bhat said...

Hey thanks for reading...a Happy New Year to you Sumit!:)

subtlescribbler said...

bingo! even i make no resolutions and neither do i believe in celebrating 'the new year' :)
the ending lines definitely made the post soo much appealing.thnx for such beautiful words!
keep writing:)

Raksha Bhat said...

@subtlescribbler: I will:)...thank you and special greetings of this season to you:)