Monday, July 4, 2011

The Moss On The Wall

I was in one of those clouded moods of mine today, the kind of times when I am difficult to please or handle. Wonder if it was the weather or the sheer monotony and indecisiveness of life that I am feeling these days. Surprisingly someone who I hardly know happened to notice this and say something to me. They were one of the most beautiful and meaningful words which I have heard recently. I am glad that he told them to me when I needed it the most.

I and a new friend of mine were walking down the street near my home after work. The thoughtful frown on my face was very evident which made him ask if anything went wrong during the day. When I told him that things are really difficult and I am just not able to decide who to befriend and trust in this new place, he looked at the sides of the road and said this:

“Do you notice these walls here? Once upon a time they were as clean as a slate, and then there were the rains of confusion and discomfort which gradually turned them weak and wet. The green mosses started growing on them almost everywhere. Nothing stopped them, not even the wall. There are a lot of these dirty kinds in this world, don’t let them grow on you. Stop them, fight them or do whatever you can.There is nothing wrong in drawing a line and not obliging to someone beyond your limits. Grow a flower if you want to, you will look pretty but remember it takes a lot to be a clean wall, a lot! You definitely can be one...only if you wish!”

I walked with a smile and a sensible advice after days.



Sameera said...


Bikramjit said...

SO very true... it takes a lot lotttt to clean the wall :)
such good advice ..
thanks for sharing


dr.antony said...

That was good piece of advice.But then,is it humanly possible to keep all walls clean? Certain things are easier said than done.

Raksha Bhat said...

@Sam: That smile said a lot:)

@Bikram: My pleasure:)

@dr.antony: You are right:)And thats what life is all about!

pri said...

hmmmm...thazts is one advice we could all need.and its rather surprising that its coming to me at a time when its most needed :)

life's weird way of hurling solutions, i guess...

Raksha Bhat said...

@pri: Glad it helped you:)