Monday, December 26, 2011

A Strange Place

I walked past him, unfettered and unbothered. A few steps ahead and it struck to me” What if it was me or someone who I know on the road tomorrow like that?” A chill ran down. I turned and looked at him from a distance. I was scared to get near him for obvious reasons. He seemed to be in his twenties, too young to die but not too impossible, well if alcohol flowed instead of blood in his arteries past last night. His limbs lay in a solid freeze, was he dead or was I just imagining too much?

To an imagining mind, imaginations once set shall have no boundaries. On the distressing side of it, I thought what if he was lying there after a heat stroke or a heart attack or someone hit him or he was sleeping after a tiring day at work, normal as that. All possibilities occurred to me and it stopped there, as human as the feeling could get.

I did not think more than this much, and walked away like those thousands of strangers who had seen him throughout the day and yet ignored him. I know not what became of him after that. Not my concern maybe, not yours, not anyone’s, or is it?

What does it take to cross that line of hesitancy to help someone who we do not know, or should we? The fear seems bigger than any purpose or conscience. Does this count up over there, well for that matter even while we live in this world? Bet this, it is a strange place full of strangers, almost always. Contradictions are welcomed. I know not of my fate if I were there instead of him, it frightens me.SERIOUSLY.



Beyond Horizon said...

Look for few seconds, same questions flashing in my mind too...WHO WILL HELP? and hesitate Yes i do, to help or call for help.

Fear stands bigger than conscience.

shwetha said...

I remembered an incident reading your post. Me and my husband, had gone to Mc Donalds one day. We parked the car in the lot. Next to our car, there was this another car and an old guy in there having his lunch in the car. We went inside, had food, came out,and started the car. I just saw outside that the car was still there but the person was sleeping in awkward way. But then we thought he might just be sleeping and pulled away. After crossing few streets thought what if he was not sleeping, what if he had a heart attack or something. No one will see him as he had parked in corner. So, we went back all the way to check on him. He was still in same position, woke him up. Gladly, he said he was having a nap and thanked for the concern. These things also can happen. It might not be anything.Such situations are rare in UK, so u can try and help. But I think we cannot do this all the time in India, because there will be loads of them if you want to help and u cant care for each of them, can u?

Anonymous said...

Every drop, did its best, answering call to enjoin;
With another drop, for a greater good, it does join;
And sparkles, after internal reflection when light falls...

Alter the bad,
falter less,
keep going...

/A M.S(AnonyMouS)