Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Black Out

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Wikipedia usually makes thinking easy, but today it threw a bouncer. Think of a world without free knowledge it says, well if we actually are thinking of buying this idea or taking it even for free it definitely is a difficult  one. I am hopping back from their page with much despair, each visit more than the previous.

Knowledge never comes free, information may and Wiki has been more than kind to us in giving it. But today it just proved that even the best of our support systems can give up on desperate days, and we better learn to deal with it. I am running now to my books, well you?:-)

Another thought if you can take it, imagine a world without knowledge. Do not break your head, more than half of the world lives in it and is doing pretty well by the way. Sometimes ignorance is  the ultimate  bliss, if you chose to act on it. Take this Calvin Hobbes advice. It works, really does.

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