Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Magic Spells

A very early morning, rusty old wheels and an older man driving them, I got into his rickshaw after a twenty minute wait on a deserted road. While I reached the hospital, handed him the fare and said "Thank you" he gave me one of the best smiles I have seen of late, enough to brighten up my day. The cherry on top was his compliment, he said that I reminded him of his daughter. I could not stop myself from asking him how and why. He told me its been long that someone told him a thank you with such genuineness and my voice was very much like hers.It touched me, and I realized that it is the little things like these that often always matter the most.

These are not mere words, these are magic spells and most of you will agree that they are either underused or overused. How often do we use them without really wanting to and how often do we let go ourselves without using them when there is a real need to? Manners and morals are something which we all have learnt since childhood, but somewhere in all the growing up we forget to carry them. We fail to draw the line between the dos and the donts or to make that little extra effort to show some congeniality when it is most necessary. 

Saying a sorry or a thank you is more than about being well mannered and courteous. These are words to be said only if we mean it. These are words that can make a difference to someone. Like Cecila Ahern writes in 'The Gift'- We're all made up of the same stuff. When something happens, it triggers something inside us that connects us to a situation, connects us to other people, lighting us up and linking us like lights on a Christmas tree, twisted and turned but still connected on a wire. Some go out, others flicker, others burn strong and bright, yet we' re all on the same line". For all we know these words are like this wire with enough power to keep us connected and our tree in splendid light all through life. 

Use them wise, use them with care and use them with your heart.



Madhu Mathi said...

Yeah! I do agree with all ur views.. ^_^

Sameera said...

What a beautiful post! :)

Obsessivemom said...

Right you are Raksha. People use these words to show how well mannered they are rather than associating any feeling with them. A simple eye contact along with a Thank you can give it meaning.

Asif Mahmood Abbas said...

well said...

Rajesh said...

You are a good soul Raksha. Keep writing. It brings positive change into this world l.

Raksha Bhat said...

@Madhu: I am glad that you do:)

@Sam: Thank you girl:)

@Obsessive: Its all about a heartfelt gesture:)

@Asif: Thank you:)

@Rajesh: made me smile:)God bless!

Drali Afrohealer said...

The way you state your view is like you are spell caster but infact everything in the word, every word spoken by human being can turn into magic spells. it is what we choose in your hearts that gives us a go a head