Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Real Underachievers

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 Correct me if I am wrong, such cover articles do make you read them. 'Time' has come up with its Underachiever, and 'Outlook' with its. And their deeds or more so the lack of it do bear popular attention. Enough has been said and written about it. I am not going to put them under the knife here. Well with power comes responsibilities, and also some hard line journalism. But what we need to appreciate is that despite all the intrigue they manage to be where they are, no empathizing but its fair to consider these men on the top for just holding that position in two of the world's most uptight nations.

Look at this from a common man's perspective, the chai wallah or the rickshawallah on the street. Now who among them would critically analyze the performance of these leaders, no way here in India. For all we know most of us Indians may fail to remember our respective's name. Take a walk on the road asking " Who is our PM?" and you will know. He may be no superhuman, no extraordinary but still worth a you-know-who which most think he is not. An underachievement from our side if you were to call it, the choice that we make of unawareness. Among the so called educated ones, courtesy is the 'I-HATE-POLITICS' clan that is defintiely on the rise.

In all this muddle of politics and other issues most of the leaders themselves suffer from a lack of genuine insight and fail to understand that they play a pivotal role in progress, real progress. Facts and figures kept apart. Even if they do own one, remember its not just the Prime Minister or the President who runs it all. The ones mentioned in these articles are not fundamentally different from an average politician, or so their records will tell us. Maybe that's where is a part of the problem. The rest is just about each one of us. But it is important to understand that once you are there, you are just there running a madhouse! And if you do not run it as expected to, you still get to stay on the headline, the reason is the only 'change'. Meanwhile let's keep talking about it until it really happens.


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Rohit Singh Jain said...

You are correct in your approach..Change is needed. Agree with you.