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God Is A Gamer - Book Review

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“Burger and Vada Pav in my plate!”

Very amusingly my feeling was similar to this while reading the book ‘God Is A Gamer’ the first ever bitcoin thriller authored by Ravi Subramaniam,a story set against the backdrop of financial service industry. This was my first read of this author’s work after having received a copy from Blogadda under the Book Review Program. His other works- If God was a Banker (2007), Devil in Pinstripes (2009), The Incredible Banker (2011), The Bankster (2012) and Bankerupt (2013) are on my reading list now.

Looking at the titles of his previous works it is but obvious to expect some money and trade in the story. The author has ventured into deeper aspects of running gaming companies, corporate sectors, finance ministry, politics and personal issues. Multiple characters and situations run in parallel in the United States and India in this story. Assassination, deaths, ATM robbery, game launch, drugs, parties, affairs and many other intriguing things keep a reader glued to the suspense, so many incidents in different parts of the world happen simultaneously.

The ‘UNPUTDOWNABILITY’ of this book is due to the twists and turns, and probably the selection of readable words. Few aspects mentioned are well researched and interesting, like Socrates Death and the Misznay Schardin effect. That was some general knowledge gained. The first few pages are more like connect the dots, till you find your way through the maze with the short chapters. The tension is highly escalated through each page and the people in the story are portrayed with their own vulnerabilities, like any of the usual thrillers of today.

What puzzled me was the subtitle, while the book asks “Is Revenge A Crime?” I could only figure out the revenge element of the story in the epilogue which seems to be hurriedly written. As in what, why and how it  happened is being summarized in a couple of pages, although for a moment in the end you know Varun is up to something at Tanya’s house, for me the plot was a give away at that point when he throws something in her cupboard. I wouldn’t be giving any spoilers in this review. As an Indian reader who is reading an Indian author the book left me hungry for more, maybe for an inspirational character or a memorable dialogue. I was a little disappointed about that, you know the kind of impression one gets when you read the last line of the book and close the cover” Tch! Just an another brave attempt at an Indian thriller!”  plainly it was just that. Also there are a few grammatical and spelling errors in two or three places, I wish they were avoided. I did enjoy the book while travelling to work last week, and I do plan to read more of this author. If God is a gamer, we are his players indeed. If there are more books, they are worth reading indeed.

A few of my favorite lines from the book:

“Career longevity is more important than career enhancement…If you live, you get to fight your battle another day”

“Success is not always measured in terms of dollars earned or turnover. It is measured in terms of the difference you have made to the people around you.” 

”The problem with theorizing on the basis of incomplete facts is that we end up twisting the facts to suit the theory. We should be doing it the other way round”

Last but not the least, one from Ravi himself:

Book Details:

Title: - God Is A Gamer
Author: - Ravi Subramanian
Publisher: -Penguin Books India
Publication Year: - September 2014
ISBN 13:- 978-0-143-42139-9
Binding: - Paperback
Number of pages: -  324 
Price: - Rs 299

My rating: - 2.5/5

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Ankita said...

wow! you recv an author signed copy! congrats :D

I just loved his 'if God was a Banker' though I think it should have been titled 'If God were a Banker'.
Nice review but why only 2.5/5?

Raksha Bhat said...

@Ankita: Thank you so much, and yeah that 2.5/5 has nothing to do with what everybody would feel about the book. My expectations are a little high when I read someone whom I have heard about a lot ;-)

Maliny said...

Nicely reviewed. I am sort of apprehensive to reach for thrillers. But this one sounds promising. Thank you for the review.