Saturday, January 3, 2015

Blossoms - The Book Store

"Spot-this place" well if I were to tell this to all the book lovers of Bangalore I am sure as God made little green apples you will agree on a date with me here ;-) I was here after a couple of months and like always it felt like home. I buy books from this place for my bookshelf like my mother would buy veggies from the market for the kitchen. The other bookstores in and around the town are too sophisticated to please me. Bean bags and coffee tables, stationery and accessories is something that disgraces the whole purpose of a bookstore. 

Blossoms for me is like an old treasure house. I usually try and pick books of unread authors, the variety is unbelievable- from old to new. What I like forward to is an old book or two between the hundreds with a personal note or a signature. They add a human touch to the book, I think of what the old reader would have felt after reading,  to go through the same chain of thoughts in a completely different place and time, well that's the contentment no Kindle would give to me.

Also there is this interesting Tumblr page by Supreeth about conversations that happen in this bookstore- Overheard At Blossoms. I made sure I was quiet today for the fear of making it here ;-)

I am off to read one of the books I got for myself. One of my resolutions is to read more and nice books this year. I hope it is treating you all well. Have a happy one, you all!


3 comments: said...

date and blossoms in the same sentence excites me! :)

Raksha Bhat said... Date, Blossoms and? :-P

Chandru Angiya said...

...walk in the rain, Koshy's coffee, crowded metro train ride and the beginning of a new journey! :)