Saturday, February 26, 2011

For All The Wild & Blue

C: Hiii!!!Hobbes!Hobbes!!!Have you slept?

H: [ one foot inside the dreamland ]Yawn...yeah...err...NOOO!Tell me...You find time to talk to me when the rest of the world is dead asleep...Argh!

C: Hmpf...Hey listen!My diving classes are starting soon...I paid a twenty..a TWENTY thousand...Hmm...

H:  That’s okay...Don’t worry...I will give you some one day.By the way can I ask for something?The place must be beautiful right with all the blue...Can you get me some nice pictures of things down there?

C : [ bored,bemused,dazed & dumbstruck ]Whattttt!!!Of my down?Really???

H: Haha!!!I don't really of the water down or of anything else down...good night...sleep well champ!

C: You too buddy…ZZZzzz...

This silly conversation happened last night.Very soon Calvin is off to an island for more than a fortnight to learn marine biology,Hobbes is going to giggle thinking of this joke till the boy comes back home.His diving classes have begun.It looks like this trip is going to be interestingly wild for him,like the ones he has had before.Just that it is expected to be filled with lots of blue instead of his favourite,the usual green.The coral reefs shall now be his house and the sea grass his bed.As long as he is in there in the euphotic depths playing with the star fish,jelly fish, sardine,squid,dolphin,shark,turtle,crab,octopus and with every new friend he shall make,Hobbes has a special something rather many things to keep him going.Here they are:


This Hobbes knows that this isn't happening to this Calvin this time,is this right?;-)

Hobbes means it!!!


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‘Fear not of the guarding octopus or the sharp shark that may dine
Wild kids come on in my kingdom!’ calls the blue waters of marine
 For to live,learn and explore are dreams big now a fifteen in twine
Plunge they shall with air and light in their hearts to gulp and shine

While they wade through the bay like flappinig fishes set for strive
The reefs shall stand like rocks solid with countless lives in a thrive
Work will soon bring joy like for the bumblebees of the jungle hive
A wish from here for them all,’Have many a sound and happy dive!’


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Raghu said...

Hey thts one of th best comic strip ever published in Newspaper/Magazine.. Luv th kid.. He talks sense..:P