Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Marvel Called Malgudi

“So where do you want to go this time, apart from Mangalore?”Appa had asked me once when my summer vacations had begun.”Malgudi” I had replied I remember.Such was the town’s charm and my excitement.How I wished I lived in Malgudi for at least a day of my life!It took a lot of convincing to make me realize that the town was a figment of imagination.Appa had no choice but to get the book ‘Malgudi Days’ by R K Narayan for me to read,this was one book that made me appreciate the sheer beauty of simple words.The sketches by R K Laxman made the stories all the more better.Whether you watch the episodes or read the chapters the feeling is just the same.Just like the smell of wet soil after the first rain,fresh and alive.

After ages I am on a Malgudi Days watching spree,two episodes every  night before I sleep.The delight just gets better each time.Kudos to Shankar Nag,the director par excellence.How many such beautiful works  would he have made for all of us to watch,only if he were alive.Today's media lacks people like him.If he was around much sense and goodness would have prevailed!

"Never judge a book by its movie"so said J W Eagan.Malgudi Days is an exception in this regard.Every scene is wonderfully depicted,so much so that it makes us feel that the Malgudi people are always amongst us.There is a weird strength in each character.The kids like Swami,Somu,Rajam,Mani,Radha,Shantha and Kutty have an unadulterated innocence,and that connects with our childhood.It is no ease to portray inherent flaws and raw imperfections,and in Malgudi Days such human expressions and feelings is a pleasure to watch.

What all the more amazes me is the attention to every detail.Even humour appeals in the worst of situations with a unique tanginess.I remember a scene in one of the episodes called ‘The Watchman’where a girl called Padma arrives near a lake to commit suicide,the place which the watchman is guarding.On seeing her he runs to stop her from falling into the lake.When the girl tells him that not everyone faces difficulties in life the watchman shoots back ”Do you think my hair has greyed just by standing under the sunlight?”.We hardly see such play of thoughts and words in writing or on air these days.

Narayan in one of the episodes says “Malgudi has spoken a universal language,it has spoken to so many and now it will speak to you”, and the conversation actually happens.Malgudi represents any town in this world with different people in different situations.Each character is like someone whom we know of,each story carries a message which stirs something within us.The Indianness in the stories touches the most.The music rings with a tinkle of nostalgia.Here is a video I made a while ago.Sit back and watch.Enjoy the little joys which mattered the most once upon a time.Because the best milestones of life are hard to cross again.Agree?Hmm...

"Tanana tana na na na…Tanana tana na na na"




rrajiv said...

When I read your tweet "Tana tana na na na n..." I foud myself humming it... Oh such a lovely music... Each of it character is amazing, be it book or the serial. i remember waiting eagerly for this serial on DD...
well done R, i feel nostalgic.... tana tana na na na ... :)

The wild said...

Its one of the best serials i have seen till date ,i recently watched all the episodes.a typical village in south india -sakkat serial .

no doubt credit should go to shankar nag to bring the real flavour of malgudi into life in the serial

shwetha said...

I haven't watched the serial or read the book.. after reading ur blog I feel like I ve to do atleast one of either.. By the way I didnt come to ur blog since many days, I was quite busy.. Hopefully it should be alright now.. will try to come often..

Purba said...

Malgudi Days has special memories for all of us.

Vineet said...

This post took me back in time when we used to sit infront of the TV tuning into DD and waiting for the show to start!

Both the book and the TV series were so well made it leaves such a lasting impression on you!

I never liked the new episodes directed by Kavita, especially since they had not paid much attention to the sets or the costume.

Yeah, infact I would too once want to go Malgudi and perhaps play cricket with Swami! :)

aakash said...

Yes, nostalgic post..
Malgudi days has this simplicity and the indian flavor, rarely seen in any contemporary piece.. nice read

Team G Square said...

my all time favourite tv shows , 1000 times better than recent days stupid realty shows . How simple yet so impactful . Agumbe would have been right place to enjoy Malgudi !

Rajesh said...


Very beautiful template, and the latest post of haunting. I grew up watching Malg Days. Wish I never grew up :)

raji said...

I know ...those little joys of our childhood nostalgic days ,It's so nice to rewind all those.One was 'Malgudi days;the other one was 'Ramayana',then the 'Jungle book',then of course 'chandrakanta later ..oh !it used to be so much fun watching all these .Now ,with so many channels and programmes it's only perplexed state which prevails,not the excitement and curiosity for seeing the programmes.

Raksha Bhat said...

@raji: Television is not any close to child friendly today!

... Madhumathi ... said...

Good post.. and still.. I read his books.. :) as u said.. he uses simple words.. vch makes the story perfect.. !! :)

I watch malgudi dayss.. serial :)

Nandita Prakash said...

still remember the tv show
awesome tribute to Narayan
simplicity is always appreciated :)
that also includes ur simplicity sweetheart