Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Doomsday Divination

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“The most dangerous animal in a zoo is man” so writes Yann Martel in Life of Pi. Look at this from a wider and a wilder angle, would you agree if I say man is the most dangerous animal in this world? Well for an instance, not so long ago a bunch of us students were in the elevator which is one of the places where most of us avoid making eye contact with ‘known’ strangers, if one can call them so. Notice this if you haven’t, we tend to do it often. You see, man is the weirdest animal too ;-)
Midway during our rise against gravity someone gave a thundering shriek all of a sudden. We stared at each other wondering what befell. Some of us had ‘The-fall-of-elevator-and-the-rise-to heaven’ look on our face. In the seconds of stunned silence that followed what we heard was petrified squeaks from the middle of the elevator. All eyes were on the attender from the Pharmacology department standing unstirred, more so on the bucket in her hand. In which lay three furry snow white rabbits, too nervous to stay still. The chicken who screeched looking at them couldn’t stop saying “O’ my God! O’ my God!” there were a couple of loony toons who added their trademark remark” O’ so cute!  O’ so cute!” and then there were a few ordinary ones with ‘Not-my-business’ attitude looking at their watch and waiting for the elevator to get to their floor. Everyone totally lame and human.

The impulsive in me forced to tell them” Don’t scare those poor little ones!” and guess what I got to hear in return-” You like rabbits is it?” .What if I do not like them, does it mean I should scare the s*** out of them? Strange and sadistic! For all we know or do not know every other living being on this earth has infinite reasons to curse our existence. We chose to believe otherwise. They can in fact do without us, fortunately none of them are on a dinosaurs like rampage.
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This is no Ripley's Believe It or Not!;-)

While moving out of the elevator, I asked the lady carrying the naive bunnies ”Where are you taking them to?” She grinned and replied “To the lab, for drug experiments”. Someone was right when he said “The world is our laboratory”, it is just that we forget that on one fine doomsday we might run out of all our guinea pigs. A divination, nothing else.

Prayers for the rabbits and every being that bear with us and our vices.



Raghu said...

makes me think & wonder..!!

chitra said...
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chitra said...

this is like... 'heegu untey'
nice post.

Kunal said...

OK..this is a comment for three blogs in one!..Sorry!!

Doomsday Divination:

When I read, Life of Pi, I had a similar notion..that man is the most dangerous animal in the zoo..or probably..earth. We have to know we are just another by chance creation of nature and we have no right to believe otherwise!

It is complicated:

Everyone is complex and everyone is simple..we just do not know..which side will turn up when :P

Where do you think you are:

I have not read the novel COntact, but have seen the movie and it has a powerful message about significance for our existence...if nothing else...we should just try to make the place better before we depart.

Raksha Bhat said...

@Everyone: Thank you for stopping by:)