Monday, October 10, 2011

Live Or Flutter By

 The forests are not perennially green but yet our dear dame Vanessa, a butter yellow butterfly roams every nook and corner, every creek and crevice to meet every bush and plant everyday. She greets and thanks them all for everything that they give her while she needs them the most. The periwinkles are her favorites. She makes sure that she hugs them tight with her wings at least once during her visits. She loves her wings although they are not really bright and bother her now or then. But one day it was different. “Dear Vanessa why do you just flutter by?” asked one of the periwinkles out of concern, her critics that they are. This made her think. Things were different from then on. She flew back thinking of an answer. She had to come up with one. And now she is sitting on a rusty window sill looking at the rain on the other side of the glass, pondering over the purpose of her life. She is hoping to know.Can you help Vanessa, why do you think she is in this world ? Why do you think you are in this world?

"We are like butterflies who flutter for a day and think it is forever."

-Carl Sagan-

We all have these Vanessa moments now and then. Everyone wants to be something different but at the end of the day what each one of us gets back home with is a deserved share of pain and happiness, nothing else. If everyone and everything is unique in this world, why do not we show or appreciate it enough ? What binds us to the sameness we live in? Thank God, Vanessa has her periwinkles to make her realize and save her. Not everyone has. You or me may not have, you or me may not need. You or me may not be Vanessa at all. But remember what this little flying fairy has to say " Look at me, my wings are the worth of all joys and my days are the length of all life in this world".Understanding this she flies back to the forests again.This time to hug the cherry blossoms, daisies, lilies, leaves, mosses and weeds along with the periwinkles. Vanessa has found her purpose, have you?

You are special...feel that you that you are:-)



Lekshmi Nair said...
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Lekshmi Nair said...

You could be the reader's Periwinkle Raksha :) I LOVED THIS ONE..too good to not have commented on :)



Raksha Bhat said...

@Leks: Seeing you here after a long long have you been:)