Tuesday, October 11, 2011

On The Other Side

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I have always had this secret wish to teach at least once in my life, exactly like my teachers in school. These days it is more than coming true. Everything comes tagged with a clause right, and therefore today I was with a bunch of not so nervous but test giving students, I was invigilating them for an hour or so. Very mundane and tiring task, now I get what it takes to be teacher.

Being on the other side in an examination hall and having nothing really worth to do, it is fun to watch the plethora of expressions on the face of someone who is trying to figure out what to write. While some stare at the walls and ceiling, some bite their pen like it is the only food for thought and some refuse to lift their head up because they are really busy scribbling an epic tale. Watching them I had this ‘been there done that’ feeling and I realized that I belong to the third category. I could not help but smile.

Every teacher can write a book titled ‘Funny Answers By Students’, this one is an entry to mine:

This was supposed to be a short note for five marks, and whoever wrote this answer took the meaning of ‘short’ in the most literal sense I guess. This is all he had to say. Whatever this student has written is definitely right. Our answers to all those questions of life...I wish they were this simple, sigh.

Have any test episodes and experiences to share? You are in the right place:-)



Raghu said...

thts an awesome answer..!!!!

Sameera said...

:) visiting after a break. The blog has clean peaceful look!

The answer is capsule of smile.

Test experiences you ask..? Too many to share- but will share this one. I had submitted a blank answer sheet after wasting away the precious thirty minutes only to demand for an oral test and blabber out the answers that I knew but refused to write because I felt it was unjust of them to cut away almost all my marks for spelling mistakes :d

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Hi Raksha! how had u been?! I'm here after a long time.. and u still sound so fresh and lively!

I too have had such an opportunity and really its amusing to see the nervous canditates and listening to their little stupid questions (about question in the paper!)

Well, that'a wonderful idea... writing a book or atleast a post on the funny answers!!We too used to write some in school days!



Raksha Bhat said...

@Raghu: Ya I know:)

@Sam: That was smart:)

@ A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart!: Welcome after long:)