Sunday, November 20, 2011

Good Heavens!

You know when a book has befriended you for life? You reach the last page, last line and the last word and realize that you have traveled a beautiful journey all along. You feel like reading or beginning something like it all over again. I am not talking about good books. This is about the ones which leave you thinking; this is about those which leave you feeling.

More often than not, this happens to me with every other book I read :-) But this time I am completely out of earth, literally. A level higher in fact. It has been a week now since I read 'the five people you meet in Heaven', the book is back in my shelf and every time I look at it sitting there quietly I get ‘This-happened-right-in-front-of-my-eyes!’ kind of flashbacks. Some crazy thought process occurs in my mind which says the protagonist’s life is a part of mine. That’s the magic about these kind of books, simple yet ethereal.

Well, feels strange thinking of the five people I will meet in heaven if at all I happen to reach there. Wonder who they would be? What will heaven be like? What really happens when we die? How do we know, should we? This book made me believe that death for reasons many is as wondrous as life. What say?

Calvin knows about heaven better;-)


Raghu said...

Luved th cartoon strip..!!!

Harish said...

Hm.. Some books gives me that kind of feeling. Some times we can relate to the plight of protagonist...

Sameera said...

I have read this book! And I have recommended it to any person who reads and has not read this one. I love the whole concept and heaven as described in the book. And, they way it is written, yes you can actually see it all.

Good day!

aakash said...

Nothing like a book that leaves us thinking, on a unique trail of our own making..
And yes, death does need a different understanding, for our own's sake. :)


Beyond Horizon said...

Books!!! They are my world.

Whenever there is a talk or mention about Death, I remember best and most favorite quote "Nothing can happen more beautiful than death. - by Whitman, Walt." :D

and I will say over and over again Three cheers for Calvin ;)

Raksha Bhat said...

Good to see all of you relating to this feeling:)