Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Kolaveri Question

Why this kolaveri di ???
The best part of the song well according to me is "only english":-) Aaa....Di....while most of  us are in sync with Dhanush and his song, I happened to ask one gobbledygook question to a friend of mine today "Can your anger 'kill' someone?" and this is what I got to hear" Play Angry Birds, you will know":-)

Insaneness is a weird pleasure, sometimes for more than the moment it lasts. Anger is undeniably one among the many of mine, the repercussions are unbloggable. Under the pressure of this song, let me ask the same thing to you all. Do let me know:-)

Good night


Sameera said...

Hmm.. It could have at one point of time. When I was involving in physical fights at every given opportunity as a growing kid. Now I am strangely cool. Anger feels meaningless.

100+ ways to earn said...

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dr.antony said...

I cant understand this super duper hits. I am a genuine lover of music,but I cant find music in these kind of stuff.

Beyond Horizon said...

Why? Why? Why? until we don't ask, we wont be able to live. Well anger can kill someone, though not the exact literary meaning.

Though my anger kills insides of me ;)

Yup! Insaneness is a weird pleasure, at least for me. First when I heard the song, I couldnt stand it the whole way through, but then its a song said to be viral...seems it did attack me too...and I myself keep humming it sometimes :D

and the lyrics LOL!!!

Bikramjit said...

havenot heard it and by the way its going I dont want to hear tooo ..


Raghu said...

it could have been when I was in School..!!! But not now, now getting Angry on small things seems really "funny"..

another wonderful post from u doc..:)

Deboshree said...

Oh anger can surely kill. The newspapers bear the graphic details.

Raksha Bhat said...

@All: Anger in all forms...anger in a peppy song:)like it or not...it definitely is famous:)