Monday, July 27, 2015

Dear Mr President
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Today I shall write about my childhood hero. He was for real, not any close to fiction. Grey suited, grey haired and with the most colourful smile ever! At a time when the number and kind of leaders in India were not any close to our expectations there was this one simple man. A scientist beyond excellence, a President beyond power, a leader beyond vision and a human being beyond all humanness. And not one ounce of air about him.

Words do not suffice to explain what he means to the nation. His ‘talks’(deserves an underline), his books, his smile, his vision, his interactions, his love for students, his work and his mere presence has given India a supreme feel good presence on the world map today.  He has ignited many minds and given us wings of fire. To dream, to follow our passion, to work hard and to make a difference is what he believed in and made many of us youngsters believe in the same.

Frankly speaking, Bharat Ratna Sri APJ Abdul Kalam is the only stalwart who truly deserved to be where he was, to become the President of India. I still remember the hullabaloo when people wanted him to continue for a second term. I then wished he did, wished a hundred times thereafter! When we as a nation have faced many tumultuous situations I am pretty sure there were people like me who thought” If Kalam was the President, things would have been different!” Yes of of course, no second thoughts about that.

Many of my elders at home used to tell me“If you want to become like someone, become like Kalam thatha" These words ring in my ears. When each one of us Indians follow what he has taught us, spread his message to the future generation I guess that will be the day when he shall truly rest in peace. To bid a goodbye to this world in the way he did today in the midst of a lecture to his favourite bunch of people-‘students’ only goes to say that he did what he did best through his last breath.

We will always love you ‘Our Dear Mr President’ for all the lessons of life you have given us. Your ideas are nowhere but in our minds, you are nowhere but in our hearts. For us, you have never signed off!

Dreams is not what you see in sleep...
is the thing which does not let you sleep... 



Ananya said...

May his soul rest in peace .. gonna be missed !

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Unknown said...

u know they say he is certainly not the greatest, he is right winged and some of the sadist souls even went to the extent of mocking him in public, by public I mean the necessary evil social media. However, I felt saddened by his death just the way I felt when my dear old English teacher died. The loss was evident. A place in my heart was missing.