Saturday, June 12, 2010

Flew And Caught In Paradise!

"Once in a while in the middle of an ordinary story called life, love gives us a fairy tale"-Anonymous

A dream we all girls share.On a moon lit night, a man comes riding on a horse at the doorstep of our castle, bent on his knees he puts that ring on our fingers.Some of us have found him already, some of us are waiting, some feel it is just another dream and have moved on and a few of us really do not want such ones!

In the neighbourhood park, in kindergarten, in high school, in college, at work, on the road, in the bus, in the shop, in the canteen ,under the tree, in the rain;) … here and there we might bump into him anywhere!

Often we tend to like people because we spend time with them and one day we happen to see someone smart and handsome [rare combination!blimme!],and have those ‘Aah, so I wish!’ Cupid struck moments.I have had many mine! But have never asked myself if this was it.

Few years back this someone came not on a horse,hopped in like everyone else.No butterflies flying in the stomach or stars twinkling in the sky,that does not mean I survive with some attitude,of course I have liked my teachers like everyone else[its pretty normal!],and all my guy friends[God they are not my brothers!].They never fill my crush lists.Some I did try to add but then they never matched those parameters.95 pc of us girls want that special him to have ‘a good sense of humour’,well then lets buy ourselves some circus tickets to meet some clowns.Me too wants it,but its ok sometimes when he gets his PMSs too!:)

But with him there was none, life and me have never been the same.Pleasure of  life is to have someone who knows what I am,who appreciates my really little goodness and dislikes my imperfections because I can be better, who can make me cry and who is the only one to make the least effort to bring that smile back on and yet succeed:P.

Here is one magic moment which crushed me for good among those first few times I remember…a few lines written in the past that I read often...

“O my Tweety what shall I do for thee?
Shall I slay a dragon big and old
Or shall I build you a palace of gold
Shall I with gladiators wrest
Or shall I become THE man the best
Just give me a laugh of yours the command
And all these tasks I’ll accomplish with my left hand”

And ever before this…and more since then...I live under this tree…me his paradise flycatcher!:)



Raksha Raman said...


Nice read. Agree with the sense of humor part ;) They too are normal human beings and have their share of highs and lows and there should be empathy in a relationship:) Good luck with the contest! :)

Shankha said...

Nice one, indeed. A nice read.

BullsEye said...

Very well written..I am sometimes quite amazed how different are the things that a guy looks in a girl and vice versa.ATB.

leks said...

Crushes are lovely!
Relationships are beautiful! ^-^

I wish every girl gets her man :D he he :D

ATB hon :)

Raksha Ramachandra said...

@Raksha: Thank you..agree on the empathy part:)

@Shankha: Thanks for reading,glad you liked it:)

@BullsEye: Amazing yes it is!Thank you for the wishes:)

@Leks:Thank you Leks:)Life is always beautiful when there is love to share:)Every girl will definitely get her man but the other way around sounds difficult,thanks to our demography:P...900 odd females for 1000 males;)!Bless the Boys!:)

namit said...

well written...but is it really all gals hav dis dream..???

Dr.Raksha Bhat said...

@Namit: Thanks...I don't know about the others..mine is a reality:)

namit said...

he gets his PMSs too!:) wats pms??