Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Strings And Keys

Echoes From A Flight

Am a bird little who knows just to fly and sing
All I own is some voice and a pair of wing

I sail up in the air and on green trees perch
Twigs for a nest, grains for my little one I search

Some day to my home will lead not the way 
My heart does make a little prayer every day

A small wish and a dream with which I live along
If am born again, God do make me my child’s song

For a little more days then I can in this world live
And some more joy I will own to spread and give

I wake up to the tunes of these little friends of mine who visit my window sill in the early mornings, what my alarm clock’s ‘Tring Tring Trinnnnnng’ cannot accomplish these guys can with ease.I stand in the balcony sipping my cup of coffee and listen to them,they bring a beautiful message and brighten up the day.The intricate sounds they make spread ripples in the air,music at its best.And then when there is mere silence in the midnight,when life is under freeze,I wake up sometimes to a strange hum of the insects in pitch dark.I dream of lying down on the grass under an open sky,feel the cold wind and sleep listening to those tunes of the silence.Nature indeed makes our world  a musical place.

Music is one thing which can conquer all ill feelings; we can never hate it. We call it the language without barriers, because it has the power to connect emotions and so also lives.We love it in any genre.It teaches us beyond hearing, it makes us listen to what the world around us has to say, what life has to say.It befriends when we are alone, transcends beyond space and time.Some renderings carry us to a different world, where we are left all for ourselves, where we learn to enjoy,to like,to love.A nice song or a simple note, a little sound in any form always does bring a smile.

Researchers say music can be a very instrumental form of therapy in various disorders and disabilities.Our body and mind work on a special rhythm set by themselves, and however troubled they are music has the capability to soothe and heal and bring the rhythm back.It strikes right where it has to, and when it is worth the attention nothing stops us from liking it and better our mood.

One need not be a master of the notes to appreciate good music, it is simple and easy to please the mind and soul.A strange thing I have noticed, we hear so much of music and so many people singing everywhere, though we might not be learners or experts in the field we can notice the slightest change in tune or in a note which is uneasy or sometimes even a lot pleasing to the ears.We all have experienced it, also the ones without any formal training. 

Music is an art, a science by itself which takes years to excel for those who pursue it, and in today’s world it is highly commercialized too.A lot is heard in every form of media these days, we often fail to differentiate melody from cacophony and like sound in whatever form it is.But in reality some last for a moment and some a day or two, some that touch the heart stay for life.

A little of rock and roll, a little of running around the trees, a little of dance in the rain,a little of brought back memories,some foot tapping,some head banging,some rib tickling,some tear rolling;Whatever it does,we are always just carried along...

Jingalala Jinga:)

-Raksha Bhat


The wild said...

Hmm interesting music :)

Anil said...

You shld have been teaching poetry or literature. Imagining how ur clinic wud be! :)

Yes music is healing and does hurt sometimes too.

Nice writeup!

Anup B Prakash said...

That poem radiates some serious power. Careful lady, you are shifting planes!!!!!!

Raksha Ramachandra said...

@The wild: Yes it is:)!

@Anil: Thats a freaky nice thought actually!!!I sound like everyone apart from a doctor sometimes:P...Thanks for reading Anil:)

@Anup/Calvin/My Indigo Bunting/And more other names: Thank you,your Powerpuff Girl that I am!Do not worry I know where I am heading:)