Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Pot Of Gold:)

Dreams are sometimes remotely connected to life and its happenings, and I happen to be the kind who can sometimes dream of even pigs flying!

Yesterday night on the way back home from the tuition,head hammered by those dalton weight raindrops falling from the tree, what followed was a ‘very good’ headache [aches are always good, and how bad you feel depends on how well they can hurt you:P].I almost collapsed after dinner, tiredness gives a dreamless sleep they say, but this time it was funny and absurd.

I was walking in some field looking at the sky singing along with the birds and I tripped,found something glittering between the grass blades.It was a pot,a pot of gold, well now why on earth did I find it right there under my feet!What will I do with it??? Money makes your world go round; and you can go round the world with money:P!Sometimes you have it but you do not need it and most of the other times you need it but you do not have it.I actually have a list of things which I want for myself,but with my money!And this was not mine!So I thought let me gift this to someone who needs it and today I woke up and asked all those around my life randomly what they would do with a pot of gold…and these are the answers I got…

“Give it to the goldsmith”

“Give it off to an orphanage”

“Give it to you”

"I will buy a PG seat"

“I neither want the gold nor the pot”

“Hide it in KGF and they will reopen the gold mines”

"Will bury will grow like a plant":P 

Hmm…I will first test if it is really gold:P…and then keep it in a corner of the house tightly sealed...I do not want to spend the money which is not earned by me..ofcourse it wil be there gaping at me tryin to tempt me..but still won’t spend it”


Gold, of everything they all say we want not
Bless the funny nice people in my happy pot!

PS:a gold coin from the pot for guessing who answered what:P



Pramod Sudarshan said...

Oh thats the story behind the message!!cool!but i still dont want to change my answer though:)
Btw u got only these many msgs or the same answers were given by many?
Let me guess one...“Give it to you” might be priya:)

Raksha Ramachandra said...

hehe na Pammy not her....and all the answers are from different people...I kinda expected that answer from you;)...I seriously wish we all get a pot of gold sometimes!:P