Sunday, August 15, 2010

Blush In Blaze

"When we keep looking at the other side of the fence,we step on the Lily on our side" 

Winds heavy lay on the boundless land, mute and still
Colours in my petals not a wee I do with my heart fill

Looking for a little on the rainbow with hope I slide
Before I reach the ground the bow melts away in pride

Then comes a butterfly fluttering those fine merry wings
Dull duds are mine nor any delight for her my swill brings

Shades the rest unlike me own from pastels to bright
Strange it is to live a life with love infinite but so light

Up on the tree is a tiny bird humming the tunes of his first song
Wondering about the bounty roads of sky so far and so long

Across the grass is a line of ants running behind the sugar sweet
Here are my own leaves turning towards some light and heat

I now know I do not live alone with a dream or desire
All it takes to make what this life needs is that one fire

Let thy good spirit burn,let finer shine and fly my flame
At the end life is all about some living,the win is not the game.



Anonymous said...

"The win is not the game"... beautiful ending ..
Loved the poem and the intensity

Raksha Bhat said...

@dattaabhishek:Thank you!

wanderer said...

Honestly speaking I could see myself as a child while I read through your poem, even the poignant sense made my look back to those trouble free days> keep writing.

Raksha Bhat said...

@Wanderer:Thank you:)