Saturday, August 7, 2010

We The People

We, [most] of the residents of this subcontinent are by nature sophisticatedly simple and happy human beings.A thing to notice here is that there are some traits that make us amazingly different from the rest of the world.

Hum mein kuch ajeeb baath hai!

We have faced transitions of all kinds since ages, from political to cultural and what makes us peculiar is the strange heartiness with which we accept and internalize every change.The past is out of our hands, the present is deep and drowning and the future is away and far ahead.We know not where we were, where we are and where we are going.And we call ourselves a developing nation for reasons unknown.

Here in this land days end, nights begin;nights end and days begin.The cycle continues.And then again we are in an apparently normal place of living.

A sizable unfed, half fed and over fed population;an abundance of used,over used and misused resources and a good strength of unemployed,underemployed and outsourced manpower.A multitude of issues are hindering and halting the improvement and keeping it all stagnant.There are affairs of economy, education, poverty,politics,health,terrorism,corruption and the hundreds alike needing attention.Enough is always said than done about each of them.

Progress is the core issue in every field and we as a nation claim to have a satisfactory growth and development but what we forget is how deficient are our plans in helping a common man live a contented and dignified life.These again are not issues that can be solved by a few hundred men in the house throwing pots, slippers,chairs and sometimes themselves on each other.As a matter of fact the nature of the problem and the people from the jopdis to the parliament are all similar.

Patriotism comes to remembrance only on the days of National Holidays.Do not be surprised to find people who live without knowing which day is celebrated as Independence Day and which as Republic Day. Once upon a time we Indians were aptly to be called the ‘Bade Dilwale’for we wholeheartedly welcomed the rest of the world and let them throng and live in this land,advantages and disadvantages followed.And now we are living in the days when the large hearts are actually due to the cardiovascular morbidness we proudly own.

We as an individual more so as a group lack commitment and direction,we fail to see ourselves as a nation.We vote and elect our leaders,and there our duty ends or so we believe;most of us refuse to choose too.And what sadly satisfies most of us is a good standard of living which is solely defined by monetary terms.The paradox is we have the best of everything that any nation in this world can ever own but we have never made that sensible effort to use it for our welfare.We have failed to channelize our resources and ourselves together in one lane,our problems are surprisingly not with the lack.We have an enough inherent potential within ourselves,what we do not have is the will and the heart.We need a firm drive to help ourselves. 

Thoda hai thode ki zaroorat hai:)

No colossal steps to take.No radical revolutions to make.A small initiative in any form in any field of his/her own interest made with a positive approach every day for the betterment of themselves and others alike can make a huge amount of difference and will take our nation to where it deserves to be.

Independence.Share it.Flaunt it.Enjoy it.



Samvedna said...

we only need to be a responsible citizen, pay taxes and do our job sincerely.....instead of shouting patriotism.

Anonymous said...

i disagree. do all the above + be patriotic.

Anonymous said...

and by the way great blog.

Priya said...

Really nice post! You're right, be a good citizen instead of claiming to want to take some 'colossal steps'! Patriotism comes to remembrance only on the days of National Holidays - very true!

Arjun said...

jaane bhi do yaaron! :D
darwin rightly said- "survival of the fittest"! we are animals- peace is just an accident:)

namit said...

exactly..i go with arjun...nice post though.. :)

Sakhi said...

I agree totally. Great post.

Dr.Raksha Bhat said...

@Samvedna: Thank you for reading Samvedvna.I agree with your point too.Also there is that some little extra that we all can do apart from our duties,that can make a lot of difference:)

@Anonymous: Thank you for liking my blog:)This write up is not against the feeling of patriotism,these words sound better when they are reflected in our actions.Since you agree with doing all the above,I wonder what the disagreement is with:)

@Priya:Hey Priya thanks:)Read your post too.Wonderful!

@Arjun: Darwin's theory are apt for all the ages of the read The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins:)Thank you again for being on this blog:)

@Namit: Thank you Namit:)

@Sakhi:Hey Sakhi thank you for reading and appreciating the post:)

Avi said...


Keeping it very bold, you've brought out the real state of the country and your ending message of a 'small initiative' is very moving. After all, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step! And if we have to move the nation forward, this small initiative on our part is very necessary

Truly a deserving post. I'm a fan :)
All the very best to you!

Anonymous said...

A small step is what matters isn't it? Yet we Indians loathe to take the pains :( Patriotism is just a word for many, building images of guns & soldiers & Bollywood patriotic flicks. What we don't realise is patriotism also means simply being an Indian & loving one's country, respecting every Indian & never backing away from your duty.No one is expecting you to pick a gun & run after criminals/terrorists, but won't you even stand up when the national anthem plays? Won't you pick up the tricolour that's lying on the ground?And won't you stop waggling your tongues at every fault you see?

Dr.Raksha Bhat said...

@ Avi: Thank you for reading and the 'big' appreciation for the 'small' initiative Avi:)

@Whisperingsilence: Voices go unheard and actions unnoticed more than often.And again you,me,we the people can blog and discuss about it which will only help us to share our views:)there is so much more to do!Keeping this simple let us do whatever we are into with this small perspective:)Thanks for reading:)

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Hi Raksha! first time on your blog! like ur writing style! following you!

hmm about the post, would u mind if i say its slightly negative in approach, just in the end, a few steps or good things can be said to leave with an optimistic note. that's my suggestion. Indians have this problem na, suggestion dene ki bimari!!! you can delete my comment, if u feel like.

all the best dear!!


Dr.Raksha Bhat said...

@A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart!: Hey thanks for reading and liking the blog:),to each his own..opinions do differ but that should not stop us from using our freedom of expression!:)To give or not to is your choice and to take or not to is mine:)Keep the comments coming:)Thank you again:)

D2 said...

Hypocrisy is certainly a major problem in our country. Bias, racism, corruption is overwhelmingly strong. But nevertheless, we certainly are the "Bade Dilwale" people, even though at times I think we shouldn't be, if you catch my drift!
Nice post. Loved the flow. All the best.

Raksha Bhat said...

@D2:Very true:)..thank you for liking the post:)

Anonymous said...

I have said this on some blog posts and on my own post and I repeat myself again. We need to start feeling accountable. We need to stop blaming. Your last para says the same. Make a change that you wish to see.
Good article

Raksha Bhat said...

@snowleopard :Thank you and welcome to the blog:)Executing our patriotism in the right way is exactly the point.Glad you liked the post:)

Swaram said...

Nice one! All of us need to do our bit!

Raksha Bhat said...

@Swaram: Hey Swaram thank you for reading and liking the concept:)


Geetha said...

Well said dude... all the best yaar!!