Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Once Upon A Time

I am not here to be a laud legend and I do not want my life to be a fairy tale.Sigh.Two months already on this earth I lay here plunged in the darkness of this cave, my eyes burning in eagerness to meet  some light.But there are certain promises that I have been forced to make, my folks have advised me not to venture out in the random wilderness for there are dangers beyond my imaginations.There are people whom I would never want to meet,a world which I would never wish to see.

I see my angel who begot me go out there everyday to those ravaged grounds in search of some food.She comes back tired and bruised with a chunk of meat on some rare days of luck, she helps me fight and survive.It is such a comfort to have her back home and strangely her calm demure makes me forget all the hunger.

She often tells me that things are not like before, the endless riches of the wild are being plundered and we all are the victims.The slumbering forests with the howling hyenas, the gigantic serpents, the venomous spiders or the blood sucking leeches are not any danger.There are the other beasts of the worst kind, the blessed ones who live or so they consider. A feeling of safe matchless bliss for the beings of the wild is no more, and so have vanished the pursuits of fearless adventures.

Sometimes I see her walking helplessly on the bank of the thin stream beyond the dry land trying to sip as her tears fill the running water.She wants to teach her son how to live a life that he deserves, learn the skills he ought to know and wander in the jungles hunting for his own food, and most of all live in harmony with his fellows.But her enormous fears do not let her do so.

She has tried everything but in vain.Those mighty hands are everywhere in the land,in the waters and in the skies. The blessed ones pity our state and keep a count of our kinds.Protests and campaigns they make for a damage that is already done.Wonder who will help us live with an equal hope always just like them among them.

The night is getting darker and I see her not home yet.And like every day a hundred fears are pounding on my heart.The skies are covered with an even sheet of demon black clouds.And I wait.Hours and days like this will pass till the blessed ones of this world will begin to tell my story.Me will be a thing of the past.A fairy tale.A legend.

And so will end my story that I wish not to tell…a story that begins so...Once upon a time….

"A few steps in the jungles of majestic pride
Nothing deep and grave in my heart to hide
A life happy and good that is meant to be
My share of the world little I wish to see
All I need is the strength to roar
Nothing less, nothing more
Leave me alone,all alone
Before I am gone..."



shwetha said...

Hi Raksha, read most of ur posts.. amazing write up!! keep going..

Raksha Bhat said...

Hey Shwetha how you doing?Congrats on you PLAB.Thanks for liking what I write,it gives a lot of solace when nothing else does:)hence the posts:)


Bikramjit said...

nice one.. once upon a time indeed
pity the majestic animal is facing extinction .. nice pic in the end indeed we need to leave it alone...

Raksha Bhat said...

@Bikram:There is more to the wild than we letting them survive:)Thanks again for being here:)