Thursday, November 11, 2010

Out of Blue

Fleeting far from the dark lifeless abyss
I see him glide like a gull in the blue sky
Wings of his when fight the wind alone
In joys and huffs my heart wails a cry

A buoyant breeze then sends him atop
                                    Lips curl a smile while I ask myself why                                  
I hear his song in the air spread aloud
In a muting bliss now my words feel shy

Light moves at the end of a road away
Miles he covers with a sweet sweat's try
He then sleeps on the white clouds among
Rain drops down like a tiny tear in my eye

Hills no wild traveler could cross afoot
He sails on them like pebbles on his way
With all the life in this earth and around 
I think of the love he left for me to stay

If storms of time rage and take him aloof
Who feels my all,more than I can ever say
For him I shall fight with all wrath amidst
And bid all little blessings of mine to pray

No flame can rip his fearless feathers apart
The fire will fume in its blue best some day
From ashes he shall rise,all hell burnt aside
My Phoenix soaring high,come what may!

PS:Another one... for not being able to get out from the hang of it;)

Consciously trying;)


GvSparx said...

For me the word phoenix represents hope, love and true emotions, that seem to fade but never really do..
They are lost, they are ashed and time and again they come back sometimes for good, sometimes....not quite...

I love to read more of you :)


Raksha Bhat said...

@GvSparx: Welcome to this place...glad you liked this post:)

GvSparx said...

Thank you!
Please review my poems , I would be pleased to have your opinion.