Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Wild Piper

A piper wild set his foot in the woods far that allure
With a tune in heart along the roads of a river pure
Valleys wait in lust amidst the chain of hills to mount
Birds of the skies sing and screech to get in his count

Days and nights he spends in joy of a greenness greet
Frogs in oodles hop by side to kiss those muddy feet
The colours of rainbow with the silvered stars blends
When tiredness creeps inside after all the light ends

The grass is his only bed where he sleeps in no chains
Clouds turn a tender sheet lest winds run in his veins
Rains then drop on leaves one fine morning to wake
And say it is time to turn,for a ride return is to make

Mysteries of the green are yet unknown and unbound
But glad is he for the jungle heard his song and sound
Where every life has a chance he did with peace stay
Tides now take him town from where all his love lay

Trees swing and cry for their friend dear in a farewell
Who carries along their wish to live and stories to tell
Thoughts damp call him as he walks towards his train
He waves back to say "Aye!Shall be back home again!"

"Landscapes of great wonder and beauty lie under our feet and all around us.They are discovered in tunnels in the ground,the heart of flowers,the hollows of trees,fresh-water ponds seaweed jungles between tides,and even drops of water.Life in these hidden worlds is more startling in reality than anything we can imagine.How could this earth of ours,which is only a speck in the heavens,have so much variety of life,so many curious and exciting creatures?"-Walt Disney.

PS:Submitted on 29-3-2011 for Poetry Potluck(Mon)-Trips,Travels And Vacations atJingle Poetry


Beyond Horizon said...

lovely expressions!!! its alwys difficult 2 say good byr 2 our loved ones...but d promise of cuming back holds the hope strongly!!! :)

Raksha Bhat said...

@Beyond Horizon: Yep true...thank you for liking the lines:)

Jingle said...

vivid capture of emotions of departures.

Welcome to JP...