Thursday, August 25, 2011

Between The Lines

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Among the many things I always feel like doing is visiting a book store or a library.The sight of books gives me some weird 'feel good'  joy which no other thing does. It has been ages since I was at one, hopefully I can find here in this town. I am planning to search for one tomorrow or day after, anyone knows a good place for bookworms in Mangalore? Suggestions please! I am currently hooked to Emperor of All Maladies, a very insightful perspective on a very ill understood illness what we dread and call cancer, a highly recommended read.Having lost a few close ones to it and first of all being a doctor I could not stop myself from reading this book.And last week I finished reading Life of Pi by Yann Martel, another interesting tale which for all good reasons made me think 'The world is an open zoo:)'. I loved it in and out.

The beauty of books is each tale takes us into a different world. Even a ill written one has something to say, something to teach us. When someone says "That makes a bad read" all I tell them is that it is actually good because it is letting us know what qualifies as bad. Isn't that absolutely necessary?How can a book be bad? Do you know of any? Tell me why you found it so:)

Here is my 'To Read In The Coming Days And Nights' list:

  • Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts
  • Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger
  • The Color Purple by Alice Walker
  • Marley And Me by John Grogan
  • Notes From A Small Room by Ruskin Bond
I will definitely be adding more;)
What are you all reading by the way?:)



Sh@s said...

I loved the pic and I keep saying that to myself coz whenever I pass by a bookstore or even a secondhand bookstall. Books is one thing on which i splurge more than on clothes. Am currently reading Makers of Modern India by Ramachandra Guha.

Kunnu said...

Well...reading is my life..I can go on and on about books.. :)

I read Life of Pi..some time back..and loved it immensely...I read an illustrated version though..with all the colored paintings and all...(I heard a movie is going to be made based on the book)

Shantaram is one of my it which I was in bangalore...

Among the rest...I have seen Marley and Me movie..which I liked it...(anyone who loves pet specially dogs will adore this movie...) Still have to read the book..though...

I have read.. Long Walk to Freedom (Nelson Mandela), An Equal Music(Vikram Seth) and God Knows (Joseph Heller) recently...

And I am reading..."Between a Rock and a Hard Place" currently...which inspired 127 Hours..

Happy reading..


AA said...

Was never a reader ever, but nowadays thanks to 3 hour ride to work and the AC Volvo, have read quite a few books and Life of Pi was my 1st...its being made into a movie too!

Anonymous said...

the white queen by phillipa gregory and the enchantress of florence by rushdie

Nandhini said...

If Ive ever felt greedy, its always at the book shop ;) Your collections are wonderful Raksha.

I am reading deepak chopra's synchrodestiny. This is my first chopra book. Its about how to make meaning out of the coincidences in our lives.

Happy reading!

Harish said...

Good choice of books.. Happy reading :)

Anonymous said...

Nice choice of books. :)
I absolutely love reading!
I got hooked onto books when i started reading Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone at the age of 9. :)

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Chintan said...

i love ruskin bond too :) such a gem :)

Anonymous said...

I am totally addicted to reading. At present reading " The girl with the dragon tattoo :)

Angelindistress said...

ive read shantaram..good one..and nice selection of reading

Rashmi Nair said...

:) ... All I can say is since I am over with my grad 2 months back ... I have been literally breathing in books day in and day out ... Read Color Purple.. Shantaram ...
I just love the essence of libraries... I want to have a huge wall bookshelf someday! :)

Unknown said...

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Obsessivemom said...

What a coincidence... did a post today on being 'between books'. Finished some great ones recently including 'The Colour Purple', which BTW is a super read. Might be sampling Amit Chaudhuri's 'A Strange and Sublime Address.' I'm tempted to pick from your to read list.

Satish Mutatkar said...

Excellent stuff and like all persons hooked on to books, I loved it.

Since you have mentioned it, do check out my 'Fighting Stage IV Cancer' on my other, much less publicised blog:

Priya said...

My only criterion for a bad book is that the language isn't correct! Other than that, it's really just a matter of perspective. What I don't like might be someone's favourite book!
I have actually never met anyone who hasn't liked Life of Pi; it is so good! And that's a great TBR list you have got there; I've wanted to read Shantaram since forever! Nice post :)

Raksha Bhat said...

@Sh@s: Tempting thing isn't it:)

@Kunnu: Quite a reader huh:)

@AA: Must watch:)

@confusedyuppie: Will add them to my list:)

@Nandhini: Interesting:)A happy one to you too:)

@Harish: Thank you:)

@yash1229: HP is my fav too:)

@Chintan: I agree:)

@Bhagyavasu: I watched the movie...freaky!!!

@angelindistress: Thank you:)

@Rashmi: You should:)

@Obsessivemom: Good:)

@Satish: Thank you for the suggestion:)

@Priya: Hmmm...well you are right:)

Nikita Vhora said...

I came across this post of yours and I discovered we share the same taste! I'm no less than a bookworm than you, and I've read and loved 'Life of Pi'. Shantaram is a splendid journey and 'The Color Purple' gives a fantastic insight in to the life of Blacks. For Marley and Me I would just smile for that's what you'll do through out your read! Ruskin Bond has been my absolute favourite since childhood and I just finished reading Audrey Niffenegger's 'The Time Travelers Five' which I suppose you must have read for your reading her next novel.

I'm currently reading this book called 'Nine Lives-In Search of Sacred in Modern India' by William Dalrymple. Excellent research and writing :)

Happy Reading Buddy! :)