Friday, August 5, 2011

On The Broom, Behind The Bug !

I do not mind riding a Firebolt;-)

Imagine a life in which you are a cleanliness freak, and also you study nothing but microbes everyday. To spice things up there are contrapositive souls sharing your space. Well I am living one right now and it is really tough, especially when you belong to the kinds who think a hundred times before even daring to oppose the other. It does not necessarily mean that you can bear with all of it either. The funny thing is to hear to the list of complaints they come up with, like the famous Sanskrit Subhashitha goes:

 संपूर्णकुंभो न करोति शब्दं अर्धोघटो घोषमुपैति नूनम् ।
This is equivalent to the 'empty vessel- more noise' idiom in English. Someone must listen to the people who surround me here, they are exactly like the 'Ghatam'. I just stay mum. When I look at the mess that is around me I cannot help but wonder "Am I being too fussy, why don't I take it easy? What if it is just lying there, let them clean it if they want to!" and then is when I satisfy myself with this thought "Cleanliness is next to godliness, a ritual which I will practise everyday no matter who does what!".It is difficult but possible and also let me remind you it is more of the former when it comes to enforcing it on the others;-)

This issue sounds more like a complaint I know, I just could not resist blogging about it today. I will come up with some humour next time as per someone who advised me, he finds my blog posts very philosophical these days. Frankly I am a very serious person who takes trivial things more than seriously, if you speak or do something remotely close to nonsense I will complain about it and think of staying away from you for the rest of my life.Oh I forgot, that someone also says" Stop Complaining!".I guess this is the only solution that will help me survive anywhere I go, especially here.

Sometimes it is always good to mind my own business is what I am learning now. This is not  typical of me but it does not look like I have a choice either. Most of us satisfy ourselves with this, right? We cannot will not do anything if a crazy man spits from a moving bus, we cannot will not do anything if another crazy man is voiding everything that is stored in his bladder on the wall. The world has all kinds of such and more specimens you see, most of them obnoxiously human and shamefully out of human control. And trust me when I say more than half of these culprits are well educated !!!

What is more disturbing is all of us treat and think of this planet as nothing but a dustbin in some way or the other. How ethical is it when we let our filth flow down into the rivers and ask for only mineral water bottles to drink, or when we give the atmosphere only smoke instead of the oxygen that we breathe every moment. We write essays and debate in schools on every pollution that we are accountable for, our governments make futile policies and hold awareness days once a year and that is the end of it all I guess. This planet has never and will never have anything filthier than us humans. Our conscience hardly pricks and even if it does it can only stab the others. Like how it is happening over my place right now, and if someone is at the receiving end of all the rubbish like me, we brag blog about it. I am having a hard time for I am not able to decide where to draw a line with these people. It is all the more difficult because I have to see them daily and cannot completely keep away from them. I cannot teach them about being clean for they think they already are, I hope you get what I mean! Can someone suggest me something?

Some smart fellow must have come up with this:

'Support Bacteria-They are the only culture people have!'


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shwetha said...

I think you need to give them straight, but with a bit of politeness. I had to share my accomodation with a girl once, she used to leave her hairs in sink where she combs. I told her to remove it with obviously 'please'. 'We both share this place,we need to keep the place conducive for both of us. I know u might be busy, but it will hardly take any time to do it'. May be if its something big u might try this. If its little things that offend u and might not have the same effect on them, then I must say, it is hard job.