Saturday, August 6, 2011

You And I

Tomorrow is the first Sunday of August and we all know what is special about it. Cards, gifts,  parties, roses, texts, wishes and friendship bands aside think of that one friend who gives you this feeling every moment “Ah! Blessed is life!” If you have one, well you are lucky and if you have many, luckier! It is not hard to find make such friends, but it is harder to keep them. And the efforts are not always mutually exclusive.

While we have grown through various phases of life we have categorized our friends into childhood friends, school friends, gully friends, pen friends, stamp friends, coin friends, cricket friends, college friends, neighborhood friends, travel friends, office friends and then came this current network era of online friends, orkut friends, facebook friends, twitter friends so on and so forth. It is more of the lasts in this list nowadays.Don’t you think this categorization is pretty lame and ordinary?

How many among these are the ones who give us that ‘blessed life’ feeling? Although the availability of candidates for our idea of friendship will be surplus, the way in which our relationship shapes up  will depend on a hundred other factors and circumstances. Not all carbon turns diamond if you notice;-) A few among the bunch touch our hearts where no one has ever dared to. These are the people who love us just like how much we love them or maybe even more!

Isn’t this entire concept wonderful, two persons by random chance meet and relate to each other so much or so little and still never get fed up of being with each other! Sociologists say ‘No man is an island’, everyone needs friends but how many of us today make them only to keep them? Or do we make them only because we need them? Why does it have to stop at that or does it?

I have so many such questions in my mind. In all these years I have lost friends more than I have made, a few weird ones just choose to stay for all the goodness that I show ;-) When I look back I realize nothing was planned, everything just feels like it was meant to be. Of course I regret not keeping in touch with a few, the distance has inevitably come. But what is it that makes some friends really special that you can do anything to keep them? Will things be the same if we do not talk to them or see them for years? Should be, right? Actually more often than thought we are scared of losing such friends, at least I am!

And on occasions like these I come up with such gratitude filled blog posts, I also make sure that I show a little of my love in some way or the other everyday to at least one of them. Because I think ‘Life Is Too Short To Hide Your Love’ and my friends are the ones who make everything about it matter. These are subtle feelings, it may not matter if we do or do not acknowledge every time I know. But I am sure most of you will agree when I say that sometimes a laugh, a hug, a smile, a look and even a little tiff with such friends makes a lot of difference in our lives, a lot!

This post of mine is dedicated to all of them and this poem is for that friend of mine who makes that huge difference in my life:
You And I

The smile in your eyes when you show me the clouds and stars in the sky
The tight bear hug that you give when often and for no reason that I cry
The endless fights that we have when our fiery moods swing low and high
The spark in your voice when you shout and mean only the truth but no lie
The sound of your silence when you hint ‘Anything for you O’ friend my’
A million such things beautiful turns friends like  ‘Us’ from ‘You and I’.


Nothing matches the feeling like this song does. A Happy Friendship Day & Sunday to you all:)



Defiant Princess said...

friends make this life beautiful :)
lovely post.. and the song is adorable!

subtlescribbler said...

and am back on d eve of frndship day to read this beautiful post :)
and is indeed amazing that 2 random ppl meet out of nowhere ( or even somewhere) and choose to be together thru all odds atleast for few blessed moments. live would be unimaginable without this relation :D

happy frndships day to u!


Rajesh said...


Very apt lines. Few friendships survive the seasons of time. Those that do, do so mostly because God does not want you to be terribly alone :) There is always someone to nag you, bother you, suffer your!

Wish you and all your readers a very happy friendship day.

Live2cherish said...

enjoy the bliss of friends.

Raksha Bhat said...

@DP: Thank you:)Hope you had a wonderful day:)

@subtlescribbler: Thanks Sarah:)

@Rajesh: Rightly said.A happy one to you too Rajesh:)

@Live2cherish: :)

Zeba said...

Ah friends.

sush said...

Cool one.

Raksha Bhat said...

@Zeba and sush: Thanks!