Friday, October 1, 2010

Selected But Naturally

A small fetish of watching films and footage showing animals hunting in the jungles and grasslands has heightened in me.I am struck by the wild,naturally.

There were around a hundred of a kind grazing in the vast fields,what looked to me like black polka dots moving hither tither in a golden green background,it was quite breath taking.And crawling stealthily in a corner was a predator waiting for one right moment.She was a big game hunter like her predecessors,paws in position and eyes on her prey she moved closer breathing silently and before long her claws and teeth had ripped the layer of skin from a calf.The herd of wild buffaloes startled by the suddenness of the attack ran reckless and away.But what happened to the chosen one for the day was a ghastly sight to see.Standing under a freeze he seemed to be parting with his life in a strange ease to satisfy someone’s hunger.His ribs lay dripping in blood,and around him was a mother with her three cubs who were pushing each other with little paws and making infantile roars for a fair share of meat. A while ago they were watching her keenly and learning how to hunt it all and live with the laws of nature,splendid.

On an another occasion on air was a great bird soaring in the sky with eyes reflecting a vision far and beyond .She was in search of something.Meanwhile a little hero hopped in,flaunting his fur amidst the scattered bushes of red flowers and rocks on the flat land.She could not help but notice.And the next moment she was seen dipping down,she came close.Frightened by the shadow which fell on his body he ran and hid behind a small crevice.But she was not here to let him go,and before he did expect she pounced on his neck and took the hare away.

A precision of this sort in the ways of the wild is fascinating, more so a feast for the eyes.At the same time it makes me brood over the beautiful uncertainties and the rules on this planet and it turns my mind into a thinking river.It is a wondrous and questionable feeling that amongst the millions of forms of life, we the all and self devouring ones have been favored the best since ages.Why? Are we the fittest? How long will we survive?While we run,nature is at her pace in peace and in patience.Well,I guess she has a plan for each of us beasts.



Harish said...

Nice one..:) clearly shows the uncertainties of life... whether it be animal or human.... And we feel secure because we have forgotten to live in nature.. live with nature... we think we are secure living amidst concrete forests.. but are we?

Raksha Bhat said...

@Harish: Agree!!I somewhat knew that someone like you will understand this:)